AT&T Or The 3 Major Canadian Carriers Might Get An HTC Legend Soon


More confirmation comes our way via the FCC, and this time HTC has another device headed to North America. Engadget uncovered a filing for a new version of the HTC Legend with 850/1900 WCDMA data bands (ie, AT&T and most Canadian carriers). It’s probable we’ll see it headed to Telus, Rogers, or Bell before we even hear of anything about AT&T adopting it, but either way it goes, you can import it and have it work just fine for whoever you’re with.


For you AT&T customers out there, will you accept this thing with open arms and a huge sigh of relief? I know you guys are hurting from the lack of a decent Android phone, as of late. Would this suppress your frustrations with AT&T and their slow Android adoption rate?

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. it’s a start but not one i’ll be buying

  2. I agree. I’m not buying it, but it’s at least something.

  3. i would totally get it, if my dad would let me… it would be a lot better then my samsung impression :(

  4. why. why not shoehorn Android onto the Tilt2 too? Either spend the +$500 on the N1 or wait until a real entry comes.

  5. I’ll be relieved when we (AT&T customers) actually get one of the numerous rumored phones that you and every other Android site keeps saying “Coming to AT&T” for the past few years that never actually “Comes to AT&T”………….

  6. Any phone from HTC is simply too awesome to come to AT&T.
    (What? Does it show that I’m losing patience and growing frustrated with AT&T?)

  7. 3.2″ screen, 600 MHz processor… that leaves a lot left to be Desire’d. ;)

  8. @athir
    you, sir, are a gentleman and a scholar
    I agree whole heartedly

  9. @ Justin I know how you feel I have the same phone BOO! I need an ANDROID PHONE that rocks socks!

  10. I for one have less then one month on my AT&T contact left. AT&T has until that time to come out with a good phone (or at least announce a date) otherwise I’m switching to Verizon and getting the HTC Incredible.

    I want to develop and wouldn’t be able to do that without rooting my phone (which honestly I’ll do anyways) but the fact that AT&T is locking down their phones is just stupid.

  11. I won’t be happy till Bell/Telus (Belus) get a version of the HTC incredible that runs on their network.

  12. I already quit waiting and purchased the Acer Liquid A1. Great price, very good specs, works on AT&T’s 1900MHz band and should be getting 2.1 soon.

  13. Spoke to local ATT retailer who confirmed this and the HTC Desire were coming to them this summer between July and August (3Q) but wouldn’t narrow it down any more than that.

    All good things come to those who wait. I’ll probably wait for the Desire, but the Legend isn’t anything to sneeze at either. Just not going to “settle” for anything other than an Android device.

  14. Sorry, they said betwen “June and August” not “July and August”. Hopefully it is earlier and not late 3Q. :)

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