Black HTC Desire Now Shipping From Orange UK, Quickly Goes Out of Stock


The black variant of the HTC Desire for Orange was announced seemingly ages ago as an exclusive for the carrier. For the patient or those unable to pick up the standard brown version, the black Desire can now be ordered from the Orange website and should be shipping immediately…er, it was. It is now listed as out of stock, however, a trend echoing the low availability of the first HTC Desire stock across Europe.


When the phone is stocked and ready for ordering, it will be available for free with a plan priced at £35 per month. We’ll keep you up to date as to the availability of further units.

I’m sure the hefty advertising for this thing in the UK has a lot to do with the sell-outs plaguing carriers.

[via EuroDroid]

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  1. Numbro Uno!

  2. HTC Desire is freakin’ burning up the sales charts in Europe. Nice to see Androids selling like crazy.

  3. Hmm,

    doesn’t look any different than the standard version on their web site.

  4. I’m holding it in my hand rite now, I love being a part of this, and it’s only da beginning!

  5. Yeah, picture looks just like my Desire.

  6. Can we get a side by side comparison review of the Desire & the Incredible? I can’t find a single site that has a decent one…

  7. If uve got it make a beautifull vid 4 us than..!

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