O2 UK Delays HTC Desire Until Mid-May For More Testing


Bummer. A few of our  UK phans with O2 won’t be able to get their hands on an HTC Desire at the end of this month, after all. O2 has just announced that – due to longer-than-expected testing – the phone wouldn’t be available until mid-May. That’s only about (roughly) two weeks from the anticipated release window, though, so hopefully you guys can hold out until then.


The HTC Desire will be available starting at £99 and could be higher or lower based on the plan that you purchase with it. Are some of you happy that O2 is taking their time to make sure the Desire launches without fail or are you just tired of waiting and need the phone now?

[O2 Blog]

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  1. What can they be testing? I’ve got a HTC Desire on TMO and I’ve yet to find one major problem, only a few little things which are missing features rather than errors

  2. whatever they are testing doesn’t matter, if they are going to release it 2-3 weeks or so even if they do find something wrong how are they going to fix every Desire in stock in that time??? they should just release it an patch as errors are found, there is no point in waiting to release a perfect product cause it’ll be outdated by then (cough x10 cough)

  3. Haven’t O2 been saying its in testing for months I mean seriously how long can they be testing this phone for?

  4. My bet is that since the Desire is a close relative of the Nexus One, they don’t want a repeat of the Nexus One’s problems.

  5. well this may be what o2 are saying but the car phone warehouse begs to differ


    i should hopefully be getting mine this week :D

  6. Testing my foot.All they are doing is crippling the powerful phone.That is what these networks do,don’t they?

  7. I agree with gad. I think they are looking at how to make it more difficult to root, maybe install their proprietary stuff, maybe remove some apps from the Market, etc. After all, reading various reviews on the Desire, it doesn’t look like it’s suffering from the reception and touchscreen problems that appear to be plaguing some owners of the N1.

  8. It is available from every other network. I have been waiting patiently watching their “Coming in April” page for the last 2 weeks. I am now tired of waiting and have switched carrier.

  9. It is more likely that they are having problems getting these in stock and the ‘testing’ spiel is just a smokescreen for it. They are in high demand and I imagine HTC are struggling with it.

  10. I got mine on TMobile uk a few days ago, and after exchanging my Vivaz for the desire I couldnt be happier, the phone is slightly larger but its fantastic, found some good apps for it and more are released every day. Id like to see the Zynga Poker app released although there are rumours that apple have got an agreement with Zynga that it wont be released on android, and with 1200mins, unlimited txts, unlimited net and unlimited landline calls for £35 a month, 24 months you cant go wrong :)

  11. I got my HTC Desire fro T Mobile and whilst I love the concept, as near as damn it to an an iPhone and on a better talk plan, I have had one of the phones with so many bugs, it would shame a nest of cockroaches and it spoils my enjoyment of the phone. I have been waiting since 19 Apr for a replacement from new stock, first it was the Iceland Volcanoe and now there is a delay apparently from HTC themselves. Well i hope there is and I am not being fobbed off.

  12. I ordered the Desire on upgrade from TMO of Everything Everywhere and pray that it is flawless save from maybe lack of some apps I can easily download.

    TMO better come up with the goods otherwise I will not be happy-WAPpy.

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