AdMob’s Latest Mobile Metrics Report Brings Us Interesting Numbers


I’ve come to look forward to these metrics reports: we get a very interesting (and arguably accurate) look at how Android is faring not only within its own ecosystem, but the entire mobile phone space as a whole. AdMob just released their mobile metrics report for March 2010 and there’s some pretty cool data to be had.

The biggest thing that stood out to me, first of all, was the fact that 11 different Android devices made up nearly all of the Android traffic in March. In contrast, only two devices – the HTC Dream and HTC Magic – made up the same 96% 11 months ago. Obviously, the selection of devices since 2009 has significantly changed, and it’s good to see other handsets catching their own break (I can only assume that the Motorola Droid is amongst the biggest factor in this equation, which the report confirms as it made up of 32% of worldwide Android traffic).


We also got a look at traffic by platform version. The numbers are similar to what Google showed in their market access statistics a couple weeks ago, with Android 1.5 devices matching at 38% exactly. As for Android 1.6, it saw a traffic share of 26%, while 2.0 and 2.1 devices made up for a collective 35%.


Overall, Android’s traffic continues to grow at an alarming rate of 32% per month. At this same time last year, AdMob recorded 72 million requests for the month, while March 2010 showed a huge jump to 2 billion. The big statistic everyone wants to hear about – overall Android marketshare – remains pretty stagnant since February 2010. Android saw a 1% increase, but it’s interesting to note that the iPhone OS suffered a 4% decrease, as well.


One stat I wanted to point out was Android’s marketshare in the United States, specifically. AdMob shows that Android requests surpassed that of the iPhone’s – showing a share of 46% compared to iPhone OS’s 39%. As we always point out, these numbers may not be indicative of true marketshare, but it’s still pretty interesting, nonetheless. What do you guys think about these numbers? Is Android growing as fast as you thought it would?

[via AdMob]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Ummmmmmmm…..interesting!i’m happy!

  2. Just waiting for their prideful steve jobs to be surpassed by the amazing android platform

  3. The great part? Not only is Android still growing there was a slow point between the end of March and end of April due to the impending release of the Incredible. Numbers should shoot up like mad in the May 2010 and the in the July/August 2010 results when the EVO 4G is released. I expect to see Android as a whole on even ground with Apple by the end of Q2 of 2011.

  4. well lets not all get too excited.. Jobs and the other Apple loveys are all waiting for the iPhone 4G release. Good phone or not, it will sell bucket loads.. This may dent Androids for a while, lets hope not too much though

  5. dont forget to mention the android tablet revolution that
    s rolling starting of this summer. i’ll be looking at adam notion ink and gemeni. some of dell’s tablet looks interesting, but only if their battery life is better than 10hrs.

  6. where are the sales numbers on the N1??

  7. This is good to see. those numbers are huge for the amount of time and considering the competition. Im interested to see what it looks like next year. Wondering how much competition windows phone 7 will bring.

  8. The iPhone 4G will be meh at best. They will get some new customers but most of the sales will be to people upgrading from a 3G/3GS to a 4G. Not to mention if you haven’t seen Flash/Air on an Android you have NO idea they envy that will cause.

  9. Hardly suprising.

    Android: 65 phones from 18 manufacturers.
    Apple: 1 phone from 1 manufacturer.

    Apples years in the sun are long gone. Android is where the future is.

  10. where are the sales numbers on the N1??

  11. Of course Apple know that the competition will catch up hence the move to iPad but even that is a pretty tame effort. The leak of iPhone 4G indicates a chink in Apple’s armour. They are mad that the surprise element has melted away. Thi sis the element that fuels the hype and gets the world (especially silly Americans) to swoon over a peice of plastic that while shiny and all cannot do basic 3G properly and pales in comparison to the competition. HTC Evo is much better in every way but no silly hype, Nokia N8 got released today and has an impressive HD cam – no big deal. Apple is a joke. The emperor is naked and blind eyes will see this soon

  12. Come on guys, as much as I like Android, when the April numbers come in (the first post-iPad launch) the numbers will swing in Apple’s favor.

    Also to the person that said the iPhone 4G won’t have a big impact on the numbers: are you serious? I can guarantee you the 4G will have a bigger impact than the Incredible, EVO, and whatever other android phone comes out in that time, COMBINED.

  13. iphone 4G is going to sell well to the fanbois that already own iphones. that’s not going to change the numbers. The sales for 4G is just a replacement for the current 3g/3gs/2g machines. Until iphone gets release to other carriers, they are not going to see much growth in numbers. Even when they do, it will just mean most current at&t iphone customers will move over to verizon or whatever carrier is getting the iphone. A partnership between verizon and apple is a good match. They both like to restrict their customers and force their customers to use their services only.

  14. I’m stoked for android to start getting a large share of the mobile market. My feelings are similar to Rubin, people want choices. Android will continue to make strides while apple will only be able to release once a year on the iphone. It’s really only a matter of time. I do however agree with ssummer. It is going to take some time and many devices. I’m confident though that I’m making the right choice getting the Incredible, flash FTW.

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