Droid Incredible Early Adopters To Get 2GB microSD Card Free


A lot of people were upset to find out that the HTC Droid Incredible wouldn’t come with any external storage options (even more-so because of the fact that, at least for now, apps are unable to use or see the phone’s 8gb of internal storage). Thankfully, Verizon seems to be offering a 2gig microSD card for – at the very least – preorderers, and others will be able to get in on the action for a limited time.


This is a good move by Verizon, I think, and while a 2gig microSD card can be had for dirt cheap these days, I think users would much rather prefer that their 8 gigs of storage are usable by all corners of Android.  Will you be happy to take advantage of this offer or do you already have your own microSD card lined up to use with the phone?

[Thanks, Engadget]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Yea I’ll take it heck

  2. Thats funny 2gb cost what $5 I paid under $20 for my 8gb class 6 micro sd card. Its their way of trying to make you happy because in a few months you’ll be complaining about why can’t you get the newest update. :)

  3. I’m watching the FedEx site right now, tracking my Incredible. While I don’t really care if it has a 2gb card in it, it would be kinda nice of them. So it’s “only” 2 gigs, it’s the thought that counts.

    Come on FedEx guy!!!!

  4. I will take it. But I am confused about total memory, I thought I saw that the incredible supports 32 GB of removable storage, but now I am seeing only 16GB. Does anyone know if it will support 32GB?

  5. I’m also awaiting fedex guy … estimated del time Wednesday – woo hoo

  6. You’re going to want that 2GB card. Any application that needs to store data to a file (aldiko for instance), can’t see the internal drive. They still require you to have an SD card, and you’ll get all kinds of errors if you don’t have one installed.

  7. Verizon is getting cheap. They gave me an 8 gig for a winmo phone. I can’t wait for next month when I can ditch my winmo for this thing. I just hope it is available then…

  8. While I applaud Verizon for giving a 2GB memmory card to those purchasing the Incredible because of a complication with android recognizing the onboard storage, It is pretty cheap of them to only give you 2GB.

    It seems like everyone else is giving 6-8gb cards with new smartphones these days. Least they could do it accomidate those buying a phone with 8GB of storage that cant even use any of it for storage…..

  9. I’m one of the few who got my phone early and I didn’t get no stinkin’ SD card! >:(


  10. You need to contact Verizon then. =))

  11. According to the dude I just spoke with @ Verizon it seems that people that were quick to jump on the deal of $149.99 with the signing of a new two year agreement -$100.00 and the -$50.00 upgrade discount (if you were eligible for one), (prior to today April 26th 2010) may or may not be getting a 2Gb Micro SD with their HTC Incredible. Since the deal was modified today to include the SD card within the packaged accessories the dude said he was unsure if the SD would be or would not be in the box of those people who preordered before today. However he said that the 2Gb SD Card is extremely cheap and could most likely be available anywhere that those are sold for way under $50.00, so really it’s not that big of a deal if it is included or not I just thought you guys would be interested in what this dude said.

  12. Do you think you will get the SDCard if you pre-ordered at Best Buy?

  13. wow they give you a Storage card worth 2 cents…

  14. I was a little surprised they did not include one to start. I have several already (2GB, 4GB, 16GB), so this is of little use to me, but for those coming to the Incredible for their first smart phone, this will help them get started.

    Re: 32GB card from an earlier post. I read that the DI is having some issues right now reading and writing to a 32GB card, and this issue might be resolved through an OTA update. I also think the 32GB micro sd cards are a bit tough to come by right now.

  15. Early adopters of the Incredible will also receive three dollars worth of an undisclosed material, a paperclip, and pocket lint.

  16. Anthony,
    It kind of is a big deal however. People bought a phone that has 8GB of storage and are unable to use that storage. These people should be compensated.

    Would you willingly buy say a 16GB or 32GB iPhone if you knew you were unable to access even use that space?

    The cost of a 2GB card isn’t the issue. It’s the inability to use the 8GB that the phone has that is. You shouldn’t be forced to buy a storage card because your phone cant recognize that it has it’s own storage space already.

  17. I am tracking FedEx for my incredible. It says it shipped on Sunday and says it should arrive by the 28th. although, it is hard to decipher

    Apr 26, 2010 4:12 AMShipment information sent to FedEx
    Apr 25, 2010 7:19 PMArrived at FedEx locationMEMPHIS, TNApr 25, 2010 2:55 PMPicked upMEMPHIS, TN

  18. I ordered mine last night. It’s not here yet? I didn’t want the $100 debit card and ordering it online you get the $100 taken off the top. The 2GB card is just frosting on the cake. AND FREE SHIPPING>>>> Can you believe it?

  19. Apple = 32GB.
    Verizon = 0GB until last-minute panic about the obviously broken user experience that creates, then stuffing 2GB into all the boxes that have not yet been picked up by FedEx. Great product management.

  20. I remember back in the good ole days (like 2 years ago) when 2Gig was considered a lot of memory.

  21. In 1986 I bought a monochrome Toshiba laptop the lastest out at the time. Had 200 mg hard drive and sales person at Office Depot told me was all memory I would ever need. Cost me $2400.00 back then. My how times have changed.

  22. Travis,

    Apple = broken network
    Verizon = working network

    You tell me thats not incompetence. LOL at Apple “losing” their 4Gs prototype at the time the incredible is announced. Crazy how no info/specs ABOUT the prototype were determinable.. hmmm.. lol at that management “product placement”…

  23. Travis,

    What were you saying about broken user experience? Funny how you mention Apples network not having a broken user experience…. can you even make a call with it? lol. To me its a glorified IPOD/ITouch… that you can sometimes use to communicate. To ME, thats what a broken user experience really is.

  24. Hope there isn’t too much confusion around this. I can imagine the average user not parsing the 8GB being inaccessible for apps.

  25. The microSD card definitely DOES come with preordered Incredibles…JUST GOT MINE TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. Just picked up an Incredible from the local Verizon store… traded in the Eris I purchased last month… not wanting to wait for the OTA update which might never come to the Eris. No Micro-SD card included with mine. Off to go buy one now before I load any new apps… The Incredible screen seems much bigger than the Eris. Also, very fast! At least out of the box, not loaded down with apps yet. My account is markxs if anyone wants to see what I was running on the Eris. It will be updated this afternoon once I sync it with my new Incredible. Woo-Hoo!

  27. Got mine and they mine as well has sent out a 32MB card with it…….its useless and now on top of having to go out and buy a bigger SD after spending a ton of cash on the phone….i just found out that HTC decided to release the phone without the native email client to have the ability to send attachments!!!! WHY THE HELL WOULD YOU MAKE A MUTIMEDIA SMART PHONE WITH A GREAT CAMERA AND NOT LET THE USER ATTACH ANY OF THESE FILE TO AN EMAIL???????????????!!!!!!!!! %*^&^*&^*(&(*ING IDIOTS!!!

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