MOTOBLUR and CLIQ XT Debut on Broadway


The CLIQ XT will be taking the stage as the latest MOTOBLUR device from Motorola tonight at the world premier of American Idiot on Broadway. The run up to the debut of the new musical based on Green Day’s Grammy-winning album has been closely tied to MOTOBLUR, with the social media content stream being used to distribute news and updates about the show and stay engaged with fans.


The CLIQ XT is the latest in the line of MOTOBLUR devices including the Backflip and original CLIQ, and features the social-media driven features associated with those handsets. It runs Android 1.5, sports a 5MP camera, and features a 3.1 inch HGVA touchscreen.

Not too sure how I feel about a Green Day musical, but nevertheless you can catch a full spread featuring the CLIQ XT along with Green Day in the upcoming April 29th issue of Rolling Stone.

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  1. Motorola cliq xt is THE BEST phone in the entire world!!! (and green day)!

  2. From what I’ve heard, the show is pretty good (from when it was playing in Berkeley last fall) and it’s a lot better now.

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