Apr 20th, 2010

Ever search the market for an app that you just know should be there, but isn’t? Do you own an HTC Desire or another fairly new phone? Then you’re in luck (while being not so lucky at the same time) because we learned today the reasoning behind the issue. Desire owners over in the UK have been dying for a response and a solution from Google and HTC as to why certain apps are blocked from their market.


HTC was quick to respond, explaining that:

The explanation we have been given is that for all new ROMS released we have to supply Google with a “fingerprint” that identifies the ROM and this needs to be updated in their database with compatibility info and such so that the correct apps can be shown. Such as the market filtering out incompatible apps. We do supply these before relaese (sic) of all our ROM’s and devices however we have no say over how long it takes for Google to update their database. Best regards, Bjorn D HTC

So this one looks to be all Google. HTC supplies the phone’s fingerprint, and Google has to approve it into their database. What’s taking so long? Surely it can’t be that difficult of a process, especially considering that not many other phones have had this issue. Google needs to take measures to ensure that this sort of thing doesn’t happen and that these copy-protected apps are available to everyone upon the phone’s releasing. Hopefully it gets resolved soon. Until then, are you one of the unfortunate users affected by this?


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