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Yesterday, we reported that the Motorola Devour for Verizon Wireless could be seeing an update within the week. This morning, one of our readers (thanks, Chris!) informed us that he received the now confirmed update for his phone late last night. The update took just a few minutes to download and apply, and it should net some pretty good results.


Specifically, Chris says his phone does indeed feel a bit quicker now. I’m sure a lot of MOTOBLUR faithful will be happy to hear that, so make no delay in going to get your update (usually located in the Settings > About Phone > System Updates menu of your phone). If you need a refresher, here’s the list of changes that’ll be applied:

Improved response time when menu, home and back keys are pressed.
Adjustments to improve the accuracy of signal strength indicators on the display.
Stability improvements made to browser, contacts and VCAST Music apps.
Improved incoming call performance.
Volume keys now work when you’re in the mobile IM app.
Fix for picture orientation on upload.
Fix to make it easier to delete POP3 e-mail accounts.
Changed display on the e-mail account setup.
Change to Exchange calendar agenda view to show meeting titles
Verizon.net e-mail accounts now auto-configure.
Improvements to ringer, voice dialing and multimedia audio when using a headset.
Update Google apps.

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  1. where is our backflip update??

  2. I am just happy that my wife will be getting 2.1 on her Backflip in Q3 of this year. At least this way the phone will be up to date. Granted any performance tweaks that moto would like to throw out like they have on the other Moto-Blur devices would be nice.

  3. This update makes the whole UI much snappier. Solid.

  4. No problem with the update. The menu bar seems to be more responsive. There were also a whole slew of app updates to get too.

    Hopefully this will also fix the issue where you get artifacts on the screen during heavy usage, anybody else seen that?

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