HTC Hero, Samsung Moment 2.1 Update Now Coming Early May


Oh boy. Yesterday Quentyn posted a story stating the HTC Hero update to 2.1 would be available at the end of April for European Hero owners. Now an internal posting by Sprint acknowledging “customers are eager for Android 2.1” says that the “much anticipated” update will be available in early May for HTC Hero and Samsung Moment owners in the US.



Maybe this time it’s for real! Having waited through delay after delay waiting for the 2.1 update for the Motorola Droid, I understand the position Hero and Moment users are in, and I’m pulling for you. At least Sprint is preparing their employees to field customer concerns and questions about 2.1, so it sounds like if you get to pestering the people at your local Sprint retailer you may be able to get some answers.

[Thanks to jonathan over at AndroidForums]

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  1. Sprint sucks. I’m going to Verizon ASAP. $69.99 to wait around while the World passes you by….rrrrright. ;/

  2. First! this is such a huge joke that Sprint can’t get their stuff together sooner.

  3. @Fred What the hell are you talking about? The update is still within the time frame that Sprint has been saying since the beginning of the year.

  4. Been waiting for a long time for 2.1 for my Hero. European Hero owner here, hoping the update will be available for us at the same time.

  5. @Fred 1H 2010!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. It’s taken them 3 months to release this from their first acknowledgment that they had the software for testing. Look, I am a firm believer in releasing the software well tested, but you know that the second its released the community will find 2 or 3 major bugs and a dozen minor ones. I know its within their time frame as said by Sprint, but I still think its ridiculous that they can’t get it done sooner, IMO.

  7. I certainly hope for Sprint’s sake that the wait they put everyone through was worth it when this update finally drops. Otherwise there are going to be some p*ssed off people over at Sprint using Android phones.

  8. at least sprints releasing it for the hero and the moment before many other android phones on other carries are getting it

  9. So close! Not sure if I can wait. Maybe I should install one of the 2.1 ROMs now. Anyone know their status on the Hero?

  10. I have a Samsung Moment and right now I’m running DD10 which was compiled on the 10th of this month. I can tell from running DD10 that it’s not ready for release to the masses. They are getting close but it’s just not there yet.

  11. @LincKraker I thought DD03 was the latest and DD10 had more bugs. Am I wrong?

  12. And meanwhile, on the Tmo front…


  13. @Jonathan The first screen shows the Hero too.

  14. Dude, I’ve almost thought that ‘update now’ means that it’s out for Hero :P Cruel joke bud, cruel joke…

  15. wait for another month. ayayayayay

  16. According to their prediction at the beginning of the year….my recall is Sprint saying (correct me if I’m wrong) “early 2nd quarter”….that being the case, May 15th would be the start of the second half of the quarter, which in my mind would be the beginning of “late 2nd quarter”
    GO SPRINT….you got 30 days to keep your promise.

  17. I can’t wait, I’m going to install the DD03 ROM tonight, not sure that I’m going to move forward with the DD10 update but I just can’t wait any longer.

  18. F*ck Sprint.

  19. @Black Kristos Brilliant! Early may 2011 once they’ve modded it for the G2!

  20. So many broken promises/rumours… I must admit I got fed up waiting and installed a ROM to give me 2.1-android goodness now. No regrets, fast, stable. I don’t like going off piste but it was so easy and I feel that HTC is entirely to blame for this.

  21. Why cant they just give us a date? Seriously, if they say early 2nd quarter they have up till the 15th of May. Sprint’s first time frame was first half of 2010. I hate to be a naysayer but I bet Sprint wont make their most recent projection. I really don’t want to take the chance of “BRICKING” my phone and trying a ROM. Sprint has never pissed me off more than this stupid delay for 2.1. I have been one of their customers for 11 plus years!

  22. Hey, as a programmer I know that deadlines are oft not met even by the techies, and the business types are always wanting to promise the best scenario. I’m getting tired of the “next week” statements but those aren’t public releases really. So I’m prepared to give them slack and am hoping for the best!

  23. Don’t say that. Angry. Angry. Angry.

  24. @Jonathan

    I’ve been running 2.1 roms on my CDMA Hero for a few weeks now. The latest ones based off of the latest Sprint RUU are great. Definitely worth daily use. I will NOT being upgrading to the Sprint version when it’s released. These custom roms are updated FAR more often than the stock roms.

    Over at XDA-Developers, there is a utility (Kitchen) that will auto-root your Hero (if that’s what you have) and from there, your options are wide open.

  25. @Brian At least they aren’t saying “update available……o wait sorry not yet………update today……. o wait sorry tomorrow….no no no definitely the next day” like verizon did with the droid so i would rather them try to perfect the update as much as possible before rushing it out and looking like a fool in the process. BTW my 69.99 is better than your 69.99. Ha!

  26. @Danson “I don’t like going off piste but it was so easy and I feel that HTC is entirely to blame for this.”

    Yes, HTC is clearly to blame when a Samsung phone also doesn’t get an update.

  27. Well, by than I will have a Droid Incredible. Coverage is the #1 reason I’m moving to Verizon. The #2 reason is the slow release of the 2.1 version of Android. The #3 reason is I don’t want to be on the only US carrier who’s 4g network will not be LTE.

  28. Woot woot! Its about time! But will it be OTA or something I’ll have to do through my computer?

  29. LOL @ impatient idiots crying about broken promises and slow releases. Get this through your thick skulls: NO ONE FROM SPRINT PROMISED ANYTHING MORE THAN ANDROID 2.1 IN THE FIRST HALF OF 2010.

    That means that if we get it before June 30, IT’S EARLY.

    Hallelujah. Holy shit.

  30. June 30? It’s time to change your phone.

  31. I cant to install a custom ROM. Can someone show me step by step what to do, and where to download the files from? I tried the ones from the internet but after wiping out the files in the root, i cant install a custom rom because the zip file isnt recognized? HELP. thanks.

  32. and this is why Sprint will always be behind Verizon, never 1st, I think I’ll be switching to Verizon, not just because of this, but this added on to other reason I have

  33. Ppl sprint is slow! Everyone knows this! I 2 was waiting and waiting and said screw it I rooted and flashed a few Roms and ended up running flipz freshhh 2.0d Rom been using it 4 the past week big props 2 flipz this Rom surpasses anything sprint will ever release 2 its customers bottom line if u want all the beauty that is android head over 2 xda forums then cdma hero development flipz latest Rom will impress anyone I know I,love it!!!:-)

  34. People are so dumb here. Sprint said early qtr 2 ….granted it should have be April. But 1st week of May is good enough. Besides the droid which phone has upgraded to 2.1? Noneeeeee. We should be happy sprint is allowing this upgrade rather than having us buy new hardware a la Apple. Now that company is a joke. 1st week of May or even last week of April is good. I just hope the delay is due to fine tune the OS and their not rushing it. A better OS with 15-20 day wait or frustrating OS now? Don’t be stupid.

  35. Seriously, the “Sprint Power Vision Network” (http://www1.sprintpcs.com/explore/ueContent.jsp?scTopic=pcsVision) is an oxymoron – no power, no vision – maybe the “Slow Weak Dumb Know Nothing Network” would be more appropriate – “easy and amazing” are definitely not words that come to mind!

  36. @ everyone, Most major companies such as sprint begin their fiscal year on the 1st of feb. So May is early 2nd quater.

  37. If you’re impatient and want 2.1 now just root your phone and install a 2.1 rom from xda. If you want to root the easy way goto http://geekfor.me/ and download Fresh Kitchen and goto http://forum.xda-developers.com/forumdisplay.php?f=519 and download a 2.1 rom from there. The best 2.1 roms in my opinion is Flipz Rom 2.0d, DamageControl, and DarchLegend.

  38. Okay, so I just got off the phone with a Sprint rep. I pretended like my phone was buggy, and freezes, and blah blah blah. She said 2.1 is out today….so I’m like okay let me check….while I was checking, shes like oh wait a minute…. OS is out today for internal testing….and will be released early May…….so I asked further what’s early May…..she said the screen she was looking at says early May and that…May 15 is mid-May, and early should be May 1-7. So its confirmed….May 1-7. BOO YAA grandma.

  39. forgot to add she spoke about the Evo and said they are waiting to release the 2.1 OS in Early MAY because within 30 days they will release the Evo 4G, and then tried to sell me the phone by telling me its features and so on. so 2.1 May 1-7, 30 days after the release of 2.1 She said its easier to support OS’s this way.

  40. Considering that Sprint’s website has been offline for 3 days, partially available for 2, I can understandably get people’s anger & disappointment with Sprint. Yes, we all understand it was first 1H2010, then early 2Q2010, then we got an announcement that we’d hear something in April. Usually when they are about to make an announcement, there’s an expectation of immediate delivery. While by technical definition that May 2010 is early 2Q2010, it feels more like 1H2010. I’m sure many of you feel like Sprint didn’t delivery Android 2.1 in a timely manner. Even though the Droid which is similar to the Hero & the Moment which has a faster processor, Sprint just looks lost & late to the Android 2.1 party.

  41. give it a rest. we all want an update but it is not required of them to give us one. i don’t think i remember them saying i would get an update but at least they are working on one for everyone.

  42. Hey guys, I believe this to be true. I work with Radio Shack, and was talking to be sprint rep about it. He said that he hasn’t heard much other then it should be out the first of may. check out my article on it.

  43. Once again I’m FUCKIN piste at these fuckin rumors Its all a lie! Sprint You Suck – Google eat shit how could you let this farse be perpetrated in this fashion? these Headlines are to attract us Sprint Android fans/owners because we have been so patiently waiting for a little bit of titillation, Sorry @All But this sucks!

  44. Wow, what a bunch of punk kids here. First off, Sprint has NEVER officially announced a date for the update. They just CONFIRMED it was coming during the first quarter which is EXACTLY what has happened. Do you folks not realize that some quarters is not the same for ALL companies that exist?

    Moving on, granted the Android 2.1 update is going to rock but is the Hero really that bad of a phone when compared to some of the others? Hell no it’s not, it’s a great phone and once the 2.1 update comes, which it will, it will blow most of the phones out of the water for the PRICE. For the price in which I paid for this phone, it is be best sprint phone I have purchased in 10 years.

    Quit listening to all the damn rumors on the internet and learn to have some fking patience. Like I said…punk kids.


  46. Look, sounds like all of you are a bit ignorant of how development goes. I’m an Embedded Systems engineer so let me educate you. Android 2.1 is SIGNIFICANTLY different than 1.5. Especially with regards to hardware acceleration. 2.1 uses OpenGL acceleration EVERYWHERE (2D included), versus 1.5 using it only for video. The problem is there are only a few shops that make the libraries for the 3D acceleration so many suppliers are forced to wait on lenghty license agreements for those binaries. Combine that with the fact the Samsung Moment came out with a non-standard filesystem and probably broken update system.

    So if you’re gonna blame anyone, blame SAMSUNG. This IS NOT SPRINTS FAULT.

  47. Is there something wrong with you people. You do know that those “earlier predictions” did not come from Sprint officially right? So if some moron releases a rumor about android 2.1 coming out early, why would you blame Sprint? If you’re that impatient, get a custom ROM. you will not brick your phone. The fucking tutorial comes with the download, what more do you need?!!

  48. Those of you who are so quick to blame Sprint for paying for and testing the crap out of a FREE update for your phone before releasing it, please realize that Samsung is the one creating the update. Samsung has released at least 3 versions to Sprint so far for test purposes within the space of 3 weeks. Sprint has not approved them, and rightfully so. If you go to SDX Developers and load these releases it would be obvious why.

    Their last two releases (DD03 and DD10) were 7 days apart. See the second letter? D… that’s 4. That’s April. See the last two digits? That’s the date.

    Samsung is working on it. Give them time.

    Sprint is the one protecting you from a buggy release from Samsung. I’m not sure what you’re blaming them for.

  49. OMG !! I’m Done with Sprint F@#!@#!# I’ll go somewhere else..

  50. Yeah, ok, I too have been annoyed with all of the RUMORS that, on a monthly basis, say 2.1 is coming out “next month”. But, these were not promises from Sprint, just guesses and speculation from third parties.

    I’d rather they take their time and reduce bugs than rush to produce a flawed beta and advertise it as a stable release (how incredibly iPhone-y!) just to appease impatient, whining customers. And, really, how appeased would be with a “stable” release that bricks your phone?

    Shrug. I guess if 2.1 is that important to you, to each their own.

  51. I’ve had my Moment (and been absolutely loving it…previous phone was an LG TRAX!!) for only about five weeks now, so I can wait a few more for 2.1’s eminent release. I’m excited…but I can wait.

  52. I’m will to wait so it will be done right. I am anxious.

  53. To all the morons who are yelling, screaming and hating on sprint. Go to verizon and quit crying like queers watching sleepless in seattle. I’ll just stay with sprint and wait. I honestly dont care one way or the other if they release 2.1 for the moment or not, its a great phone as is. Sure 2.1 should be way nicer, but i liked what i received when i bought the thing in the first place. Is it REALLY that big of a deal to just wait until its released and not piss and moan. Its pretty childish to be angry that you haven’t received something that was never promised or owed to you in the first place. Grow up, or change carriers, it’s that easy.

  54. Took the plunge 2.1 Rom loaded on mine!

  55. I’m not sure what you people are so pissed about. I have been running 2.1 for over a month now….without a serious problem at all. Go to XDA developers, root your phone, and then load Fresh 2.0d by Flipz. This rom is based off the official Sprint test leak and with Flipz tweaks…..is probably much better than what Sprint will release officially. While some have reported some minor glitches, I have yet to experience the 1st problem using this 2.1 rom. Go Flipz!

  56. Wow. What a bunch of crybabies. This is typical of Sprint customers. Always caterwauling about the uncontrollable. Even without the update the 1.5 version is a good OS. Got WinMo anyone? It really wasn’t all that long ago that the first color screens and the first camera phones were making there U.S. debut. This technology is light years beyond all that. All you complainers out there wouldn’t be happy without something to be unhappy about. Either grow up or shut up.

  57. Are you people kidding me. Stop the crying already. I am leaving Sprint because I can’t wait any longer for the 2.1 update. People like you make me sick, I bet you are the same ones I would see in a store throwing a temper tantrum cause Mommy or Daddy said you couldn’t have a toy. GET A GRIP YOU WHINING LITTLE BITCHES!

  58. The problem is how Sprint has/has not managed the information flow. Nature & vacuum thing.

  59. To all you Sprint syncopants and name-calling nawabs – enjoy your Forrest Gump view of the world, but remember, stupid is as stupid does! Look to Apple for a successful model of managing customer expectations…and the G4 will be available June 22nd, as rumored! ….and thank Google for making Sprint and HTC do this upgrade – it is clear by the way they are dragging their feet on this one that they would not do it otherwise.

  60. I really don’t like the tone of some of the respondents on this particular article. People who buy a product & a service have an ABSOLUTE right to complain about inadequate service. It is a virtually guaranteed right in all 50 states of the U.S & in many foreign governments. It also seems like many of you are somewhat ignorant of what Android is all about.

    First of all, Android OS was designed with upgrade in mind from the very start! Anyone who followed Android from the beginning knew that Android was designed to be an evolving, upgrading process & not static system. Second, manufacturer’s do deserve some blame for not working better with both Google & the carriers for not working out standards. Third, Google deserves some blame for the same reason of not working out standards. Fourth, when Google announced the Android upgrades, all of the carriers were apart of the announcement. Fifth, upgrading computers isn’t new. We’ve been upgrading machines since the very first PC’s almost 30 years now! It’s not like we started building computers yesterday. The upgrade process isn’t brand new or impossible. Sixth, Sprint is notoriously bad about being proactive with news, development, & customer service. This just adds to their sad history of bad service.

  61. Again, get over it people. This is symptomatic of the Walmart attitude of modern society. There is simply no stoicism. If a worldwide disaster should befall us all you screamers would be the first to go while the rest of us would quietly go about the business of surviving. Whenever I go to a restaurant or other service related business that gives me a substandard product I simply never go back. Why contribute negativity like smoke to the air around us? I work in retail (not Sprint) and I’ve become convinced that American society has lost its dignity and honor. Of course everyone has the “legal” right to complain. But you don’t have the social right to spread your venom and negativity. So SHUT UP and move on.

  62. Oh, and Jose G, your “right” to complain about “inadequate” service: Do have a means to communicate and make phone calls? Do you have the internet on a portable communications device? Yes? Sounds adequate to me.

  63. Ok as a moment and hero user…yes theyve been bsing us for a long time(sprint and other ppl) but the last time I heard “april” there was 2 words infront of it that said more info in April..here it is so be happy yes it really sucks but that what it is and if u don’t like it the leave sprint and get a theres a fee networks or just Root the phone and get something that someone has cooked up……just remimber that they r 3rd parties have made so read up on something ie reviews and have at It but till then this is wut we got so live with It…..its yalls fault for putting ur trust in the 2.1 release date in someone that is not a sprint head…not techs because they get handed memos…notice there r great ppl that will leak memos they get sent keep it up guys

  64. Oh and to try and stop something ahead of time…the memo says early may it does not say when….

  65. LOL bro, nobody is studying the iPhone anymore. -grin-

  66. Sprint Sucks, Promises promises promises and if you bitch about them not keeping them they cancel your contract.
    What a bunch of duchebags.
    Stay loyal and watch the world pass you bye as Their Mooron CEO Dan Hesse makes more and more promises he has no intention of keeping and believe me he couldn’t care less about you.
    Customer Care is non-existent at Sprint find another carrier you’ll be much better off and let Sprint bury their Company.

  67. Hey Brian, no one studies the iPhone…. they use it…still going despite all the Sprint iPhone killers…Insight…Pre….Hero…and now the EVO…meanwhile Sprint is still losing postpaid customers…no one studies that either….the reasons are so obvious.

  68. I have been waiting on 2.1 since I got my phone and never once seen. A leak memo with the release date on it .show me proof that sprint promised u all a date cause all I seen has been “I’ve talked to someone”or ppl pulling dates out the a$$..last memo I saw from sprint was the hero was going to get a update on the ninth did the hero get the update?but just from that I saw ppl like yall started with dates……the memos will be leaked and sprint did say coming weeks and more information In april….yes it sucks and yes customer service sucks and then leave sprint over a update….but I will say this it won’t be the frist week of may and it will probably be on a Tuesday….if u cant wait then root ur. Phone cause u can get 2.1

  69. Guys I too am waiting on the update. It will get here. Would you rather an update be sent to the phone and then there are some bugs. Then there would be complaining that the bugs should have been fixed. Either way give it time. The phone just came out in November. Before any updates, I am sure Samsung and Sprint wanted to make sure the sales were there.

    Think about it from the company stand point. If 3 people bought this one device and 50 bought this other device, the company might need to update the 50 as more users may come across more problems to warrant the update.

    To post #1 who stated they are going to verizon…hmmm your going to pay 69.99 and 29.99 for data just for smart phone add on. Seems a little high for impatience.

    I am not trying to rain on anyone’s parade or be the bad guy. Just stating that patience can be a great thing.

    Sprint brought the whole 69.99 for unlimited call to call on any network, with unlimited data, text, pic mail, gps and being the sprint premier….look at this way. Yes the phone came out in November, yes it is now April almost May and still no update. If your a Sprint premier member where your line is the primary line you get to upgrade your phone every year and still get the 150.00 discount.

    So the question is this. How many of you will be keeping the moment for 2 years. The evo is coming out this summer and I know I will be upgrading in Oct. So we will get the update for the moment and the hero whomever has a hero. Just give it time and good things will happen.

  70. I love how everyone is complaining about Sprint and saying they are going to jump ship to a different carrier so they can buy a new phone with the latest and greatest…You know what’s gonna happen once you get that HTC Driod Incredible?? Its gonna be buggy, and you’re gonna bitch about the updates for that, then when the time rolls around and say 2.2 is rumored to be released, you’re gonna bitch that they are taking to long with the release, so you’ll jump ship again! Sit down, shut up and be happy with your carrier and phone. I guess if we didnt have rumors, you all wouldn’t have anything better to do with your time.

    *Proud Sprint customer for 5 years and counting*

  71. I think its in human nature to show others up.or bitch about stuff….out of 70 comments the only things I will say r true is the fact that sprints customer service does suck..time my wives Instink the to fix a dent on the shell of the screen and they said they cant fix it due to Inturnel damage but when I take the shell apart to show its not hurt Inside they tell me they can’t fix it still so we go to another sprint and 10th mins later her phone. is fixed…I’ve been thru 3 moments and have a hero now cause sprint by my house can’t fix crap I have to drive 30 mins to the sprint that arnt lazy…grant they broke my wifes phone once but they made up for it…so wut I’ve learned is sprint stores are like going out the eat…it all depends on who is serving u and cooking the food….I’ve been with sprint for 6ish years and have a problem with lazy ass techs that cant fix crap cause they don’t want to do there job..so if u don’t brake the phone u won’t have to deal with customer service…I dont even buy my phones there cause radio shack does the Instore rebate and thanx to there comp I’ve been able to upgrade for the past 3 years now in the 3years I’ve had 8 phones…my only thought is when they did the cl14 update it messed on moment number 3 and I. wnt to the hero but getting my momet back today..but Im wondering if that will happens when 2.1 does come out with It fix my old bugs but cause more like the update did…oh and get this sprint told me they dont have a problem with the moment but when I was Inthere they had 5 moments plus mine having the same problems…going back to the moment cause the hero is like a blond…good to look at but slow as hell…….I will be nack cause I gwt a lautj at all the 5 year olds bitching annd moaning over spilt milk..atleast I have good reson to bitch cause and i5s not over a update being pushed back mine is problems with stores and lazy employees not this crap

  72. Hey people, its not a Sprint fault… its a HTC fault! They are testing Android 2.1 to make sure this will be OK on our Hero.

    Not blame Sprint, blame HTC to make an fast service.

    Ive contacted HTC, and they told me this.

  73. First of all all you losers who think Sprint is the one at fault shows your ignorance they have not even set a date its all the newsdroids out there speculating go ahead go to another carrier then tell me how their customer service is Sprints customer service has benn great for me will never change

  74. Wow, you are all crying over an update! Have you really nothing better to do with your lives, put the friggin phone down, get outside and lose 90#s AND QUIT BITCHIN! It will be out soon enough don’t like sprint go to verizon but I can tell you that their customer service and prices SUCK. So whatabunchofwhiners says to all of the wieners SHUT THE @#$% UP IT’S NOT THAT BAD!!!!!!

  75. If they didn’t do all the insane testing and delays then you guys would just QQ about the bugs when its released. You’re never gonna be happy. We’re at least getting 2.1 they didn’t have to even do that much for us.

  76. Wow after reading this blog I truly feel sorry for the Sprint reps who have to deal with you people who call to lie about their phones claiming defective just to get info on a 2.1 update for their Hero. ****drizz wrote on April 16, 2010 Okay, so I just got off the phone with a Sprint rep. I pretended like my phone was buggy, and freezes, and blah blah blah.**** If you had to listen to liars like DRIZZ all day maybe it would be hard to believe what ever your customers are saying. Be honest for a change Drizz and maybe Sprint will take you seriously! I work in customer service in a store and I can spot you liars when you walk in the door to complain about a product you broke then claim it is the store fault.

  77. @scotiaGuy yeah I completely agree with you all of these people saying “F*CK SPRINT” and so on are all complete retards…look at the European Hero and the Tmobile Hero, they have been waiting 2x as long as us for the update and you guys are mad at Sprint??? For what?? for providing you with a fully functional before HTC even comes out with the official update for the phone? Maybe you people need to learn a little bit about how the software development cycle works instead of just complaining about how you don’t have 2.1 on your phone. AND if you want 2.1 on your phone that bad why don’t you just root it and put a custom 2.1 ROM on there…gah people…so technologically illiterate and dependent…

  78. I see that a lot of ppl are really upset about this. As much as I want this update I can say that it is not that serious. The world isn’t going to end because we didn’t get this update as early as we wanted.

  79. TO ANYONE WHO THINKS SPRINT IS BAD CUZ ITS TAKING TOO LONG:: Think about it This way, would u rather have it sooner but have major bugs, trips, and glitches in the software, or have them release it a bit late, but with no bugs???

  80. I’ve been with sprint for over 5 years myself and they let me down time after time. I for one knew that this update would not be a timely one. Has any one tryd the 2.1 rom for the samsung moment? I’m really thinking about just updateing now but want some feed back.

  81. Hey Fellers…….. i just sent HTC AU A im really pissed off E-mail last week and got a reply back from them today and it sounds pritty genuine to me HTC AU REPLY Dear Steve, Thank you for contacting HTC regarding the Android 2.1 update. I can confirm that the update has been pushed back till the 1st of June. This I know this is frustrating with those as well as yourself who have been waiting for the 2.1 update roll out. I can add that the reason is for a technical issue that our developers are making strides to fix in rolling out the software to the handsets, but I cannot state what the technical reason is. I would like to personally thank you along with HTC in having patience with this update, it was not something that was to happen and HTC had planned on the update being on your phone sometime ago. I hope that your image of HTC, our handsets and our support have not diminished while you have been an HTC customer. Should you require further assistance, please do not hesitate to give us a call at 1300 482 482. Our business hours are from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm SYDNEY Time, from Mondays to Saturdays and close on Public Holidays. Thank you and kind regards. So that sounds like we wont be mucked around anymore.. ;) :)

  82. I just switched from verizon over to sprint to save $30 a month because the moment and the droid are about the same. Well I guess I was wrong. I have been with sprint just over a month and there is all this crap. I work with people that have the droid and they don’t have any problems with it and they got 2.1 already. I guess I get what i pay for!

  83. FUCK !!!

  84. Ok for all the ppl still crying like my 2 year old…yes it sucks that sprint hasn’t upgraded the hero and moment…wich I do blame sprint cause if the fine ppl at sdx and xda have got 2.1 working from a leak and have fixed 99% of buggs and a very helpful black man on utube for making videos but sprint can’t …..now think about this all sprints towers are becoming clear internet towers…(well in texas)so that will make some delays but stop crying about not having 2.1 and do what I did and read..not screen shots….I downloaded 4 things 1.sprint update utilitys..2…joeykrim 2.1 dd03 tat…3…root 2.1 v5…4….2.1 livewallpapers….find “how to update the samsung moment to 2.1 on youtube find the very helpfull black man and just put 2.1 on ur phone the longest part was the first 2 downloads then just do what the man says…I didn’t have a rooted cl14 and had no problems

  85. @maxedout72, and everyone else whining about this: oh shut up. I’m sure you have the worst phone ever and the worst phone company to ever exist JUST BECAUSE you dont have your 2.1 update yet. Sprint hasn’t said exactly WHEN the update will be released, and I’m sure you didnt switch over to Sprint for the sole reason of being able to upgrade to 2.1; like you said, you’re still saving $30 a month. Did you cry this bad when you’re parents didn’t buy you what you wanted for christmas? If you can’t wait anymore, go get the 2.1 rom. Otherwise, shut up. Sprint is making sure that Samsung’s firmware is as good as possible, because they know all the little punks are going to come crying to them again when thier premature OS takes a dump because there wasn’t enough testing done to it. Just shut up. Oh, and santa claus is fake.

  86. Sprint released the 2.1 (DE03) Update for the Moment.
    Get it here, a whole day in advance!

  87. Do you think there is a chance that the price of the Moment will go down when the new sprint droid comes out on June 4? I’d love to try the moment. I have also been a sprint customer for over 12 years and they have absolutely been great whenever I’ve had any type of issue. I’ve been comparing the palms with the droids and I’m ready to try the droids. Another question–if you go into the store now and buy the moment, will it have 2.1 or the older version?

  88. Yes the 2.1 update is out! but what does it have? Multitouch – NO, More desktop screens – NO, animated backgrounds – NO!

    @Jason. “Sprint is making sure that Samsung’s firmware is as good as possible” NOT! I should have stayed with verizon.

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