HTC Updates HTC Sync with Support for Desire and Legend


HTC’s solution to synchronizing your Android-based HTC phone with your personal computer, HTC Sync, has recently received an update. Now supported in HTC Sync are the HTC Desire and HTC Legend. Other updates include support for MS Outlook 2000 and Finnish and Portuguese (Brazil) language support.


HTC Sync allows you to sync your Outlook and Windows Address Book contacts and calendars between your phone and PC, as well as install third-party applications. The latest version is 2.0.33 and supports not only the Desire and Legend, but also the HTC Magic, HTC Hero, and HTC Tattoo. Download it here.

[via The Unwired]

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  1. Unless you have the branded HTC Magic from Vodafone! Google decided to remove this functionality! Any one have an idea on why?!

  2. Anyone have any idea if HTC Sync will be available “out of the box” on the Verizion Droid Incredible?

  3. Installed but always shows Disconnected, what give? How do I get this connected to my phone.


  4. I have the same problem as David. I have a Legend and sync v2.0.33. On first install the sync worked fine, now when ever I connect the phone and select the sync option on the phone the software and phone can’t see each other always reporting Disconnected.
    Any Ideas Please??


  5. Having the same problem as Tony and David. Can’t work it out. Please help!

  6. Same here
    Worked if i turned my firewall off.
    Later discovered it would work by changing the internet setting on firewall.
    Was set to ? (ask) using zone alarm but for some reason Zone alarm did not ask for acess confirmation as normal.
    Why though would the sync app need acess to internet before launching ?

  7. Same here
    It worked if i turned my firewall off though.
    Later Changed settings from ? (ask) to allow for internet access under zone lab and it was ok.
    Usually ZL asks for confirmation.
    Why would Sync want acess to the internet before launching though.?
    This is my second attempt to post this message as computer crashed just after doing all this, do not know if it is related though.

  8. sync wont work on desire its useless

  9. Anyone having problems syncing should make sure they have the right USB cable.
    You must have the Micro USB Type B.

    This is the only type that will work with the sync – one cable type will charge but ony the B type will do data !

    Good Luck.

  10. Can’t get the Desire to sync at all even with the right cable and turning the firewall off. As Steve says above – useless! Any ideas anyone. I’m using Vista – is that the issue?

  11. htc sync for outlook kalendar

  12. hey.. ive got the same prob.. ive installed sync n connected my htc legend n they still show ‘disconnected’.. whats wrong ?? ive tried disabling my firewall .. i use win 7.. somebody HELP!!

  13. can’t get the Desire to sync,help!!!

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