Flash on the iPad vs Flash on Android [HUMOR]


I thought this was a nice little tickler to break up the day. Tumblr user “TheDuty does everyone’s funny bone justice in this humorous (and somewhat inconsistent) image. Take a look at it and see if you can make out the joke before reading ahead.


For those that are lost up until this point, the graphic shows comic book character “Flash” in the first image – which is supposed to be an Android device – and then shows the lack of “Flash” in the second – the character is cleverly replaced by the dreaded symbol you see when trying to access flash content (other than embedded YouTube videos) on the iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch.

Even though flash isn’t available on every Android device, we’ll chalk this one up as another win for the green robot! Did this at least make you smirk a little bit?

[Thanks, Walyou!]

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  1. ha! ipad=pointless

  2. Kinda funny though I’m more on Apple’s side with the Flash thing. Lets just get rid of it at least for video.

  3. Nothing but ROFLs for me!!

    @Phil – Even for video it’s nice to have flash. Not everybody wants their videos easily right-click downloadable. With HTML5 you *can’t* prevent users from just clicking the video and downloading it.

  4. Adobe…makes…bloatware… Simple hint for Adobe: “optimize or die”.

  5. Fuck flash, Adobe can lick my balls!!

  6. Thats a good one!! lol

  7. Adobe might crash trying to lick your balls…watch out

  8. nice, thanks, i was needin somethin like dat!!!


  9. Thanks walyou? I posted it on the forums a few days ago!

  10. hahaha, it took me a minute

  11. Adobe = A brick or building material made of sun-dried earth and straw.
    That about sums up their software.

  12. Nice!!

  13. That’s awesome. Flash may have it’s flaws, but I would like the option of deciding for myself whether or not I want to use it. Apple fails.

  14. You know, I’ve heard a lot about how “slow” flash is and that it’s bloat, etc. However, these are the same reasons I’ve never liked ITUNES BECAUSE ITS THE SAME ON WINDOWS, SLOW AND BLOATED. Seriously, for a long time I would never let my wife have it installed because I hated it since it was so slow and annoying. Same with Quicktime Player as well! And those aren’t Adobe.

    I dont know where people get off saying flash is bloat and slow – maybe on other O.S.’s it is. But basically Apples products are slow on Windows as well, so it’s mainly a matter of not being in their native environment. So Apple fans probably think Flash is slow since flash on Macs probably is slower – Apple probably doesnt give Adobe the down and dirty info they need to be able to make it fast, and Adobe probably have some extra layers in there too for API transparency. Same as ITUNES has extra layers when on windows…

  15. Who gives a shit about Flash?

  16. @Brad
    Anyone with a hint of sarch engine fu can find addons to their browser of choice that makes it possible to right click flash videos and download them. Pretty much…
    Obfuscation is a false security model and it fails everytime it’s put to the test.

  17. @YPF
    Me, Zynga, Kongregate, Newgrounds, Facebook games.
    Millions of developers, Adobe, MochiAds, Indie game developers, Actionscript developers, Flex Developers… and i am sure somebody elso too…

  18. Flash can run on the iPhone….

    VGK Platform for Apple Mobile Devices
    Compliant with Apple’s recent change in the iPhone Developer Program License Agreement

  19. Flash looks pretty old!

  20. @Brad

    The issue with that is that if users can watch something on a computer, they can record it. It doesn’t matter what it is, PCs are just too much of an open platform to lock down. Inconveniencing your other users (i.e. iPad users) in an effort to control what happens once the video appears on the user’s screen isn’t the way to go.

    Is Flash performance on Android really that great though? I mean, I’ve only ever seen Flash perform well at all on Windows machines.

  21. Thanks for the good laugh. It was funny & makes a good point at Apple’s expense. Kudos.

  22. hmm is flash for android? NO!

  23. This would be funnier if Adobe was actually capable of releasing a mobile version of Flash for Android.

    I’m an Android fanboy, but I’m cheering for Apple in this particular fight. My hope is that Flash will be entirely irrelevant by the time Adobe finally gets something out the door.

  24. LOL! :)

  25. Flash For Android (Beta) signup – http://www.adobe.com/cfusion/entitlement/index.cfm?e=labs_flashplayer10_android_signup

    Flash is slower/more resource intensive on Apple products is because Apple doesn’t allow it to be. – http://www.readwriteweb.com/archives/does_html5_really_beat_flash_surprising_results_of_new_tests.php

  26. Funny… and really, the Justice League just isn’t the same without the Flash. Neither is the web.

    And as far as Adobe Flash goes…. I have nothing against web standards. But that goes for both open standards like HTML5’s enhancements, and de-facto standards. I’m not an idiot, I know the difference, and I’m perfectly capable of making the choice myself.

    Also, Apple likes to pretend Flash is all about video… mainly because the pieces of HTML5 that replace Flash’s functionality are, well, there’s the tag. Only, that’s not even a guaranteed replacement, thanks to the battle over HTML5 standards. The FOSS people, Mozilla, Opera and others are dead set on supporting only the open source but inferior Ogg Theora, while the big commercial companies (Google, Apple, and others) are only supporting the superior but “may impose new licensing fees some day” H.264/AVC. In either senario, if you don’t have the right browser, you fall back… to Flash.

    It’s particularly important on mobile devices. Video on a PC will play even if the CODEC is entirely software driven. On an ARM Cortex 8 or 9 or less, you better be using the video acceleration hardware in your SOC, or not only will you have lousy playback, but it’ll suck your battery dry.

    The other issue is that Flash development tools provide an excellent environment for content people, rather than software people, to do “application” development. So you find Flash all over the web, even in places it clearly doesn’t belong (and stuff you could do pretty easily even hand-coding in HTML and CSS… if you’re a programmer), simply because It Just Works. If you want to be a first class Web Browsing Device, you need Flash, today.

    Apple’s all about the evil, so the strong arming is no big surprise. They’re all about the ego, too… Apple, Inc. is little more than a massive amplifier for Steve Jobs’ fairly massive-on-its-own ego. So given a total sales base of some 80 million devices (some fairly large percentage of which are still in use), Apple just expects the world to bend their way.

    The Google-like approach to this would be different, and better. Sure, support Flash, so you’re not punishing your users for your future plans. But move people away from Flash by making them want to leave it. That would mean getting proactive… publish open standards-based (HTML5, Javascript, CSS) tools that do anything you can in Flash Professional, make it just as easy or easier for regular folks (not programmers) to use, and release it for free, ideally Open Source. And promote it… one of the major failing with FOSS tools is that no one outside the FOSS or perhaps slightly larger computer geek/nerd/wizard community knows about these things. That’s the real way to kill Flash… make people stop wanting to use it.

    And if you can’t, that suggests Flash still has a reason for being.

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