Update on HTC Desire Release on Orange


We just reported that US Cellular may be getting the HTC Desire, but for some in the UK an extended wait continues as several carriers have all been dealing with an overwhelming demand and a limited supply of the Android phone. According to Tracy and Matt, the Desire should be going live on the Orange website by the weekend or early next week.


While certain Orange subscribers were able to get their hands on part of this limited stock, Orange released a statement assuring that they are working their hardest to get the Desire out to everyone who wants one:

“Due to an unprecedented high demand for the HTC Desire on Orange, we are experiencing some delays in delivering the handset across all our channels. We are currently working to fix this as a matter of priority and expect the Desire to be available across all channels shortly. Orange would like to apologise to customers for any inconvenience this has caused.”

[via Tracy and Matt]

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  1. I managed to get my Desire from Orange on an upgrade. Outside my contract, rang them on a weekend and had the phone in my hand yesterday. Great service and fantastic phone.

  2. i could not wait had to switch vodafone

  3. tmobile have messed me about for 5 weeks, i rang to cancel to go to voda but was talked into waiting till tmobile got the phone and put on a lower monthly amount, they have lied told me it was coming one morning three weeks ago and it never arrived, now its next week i am on the list, as they told me coz they put me on 20pm till i get my phone (then 35 pm again)i was over looked as it looked like i was on a low monthly contract… so pissed off with them i just email a proper complaint letter my first ever! Gutted ……

  4. Got mine on orange last Saturday. There are loads in the 3rd Party stores like phones4U and carphonewarehouse. Go check it out and don’t wait around – all the other people in the shops were looking at the desire too!

  5. Just a note: HTC Desire will be released tomorrow on polish market by Play (it’s an operator).

    I definitely will be getting one :-)

  6. Mine is in the mail, hope to have it in about 5 days. Took some time here in Norway, first it was 26. mars then 10. april and finaly now its here.

  7. Hi i work for Orange and usual their at best.. & last to issue the phone …i’ve had my hands on it and am now SURE it’s a 300min + better value and comparable handset to the iphone …im waiting on the black edition.

    interesting fact…. the apple badge is still the biggest phone and fashion accessory and out selling everything else Desire not far behind and closing ! are people getting clever? wait till they see the HTC EVO!! LOL (sorry for that seed planting ) ;-)

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