Samsung Galaxy Spica Price Drop at Rogers


The Samsung Galaxy Spica is among a group of phones that will be seeing a price drop at Rogers. With a three-year voice and data contract, the Galaxy Spica will drop in price from $79.99 to $49.99.


If you are up to renew or are planning on moving over to Rogers, now is your chance to get an Android handset a killer price. The Spica recently got Android 2.1, which is at least more than many other Android handsets can say.

[via IntoMobile]

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  1. It’s 29.99 at the Langley best buy. It’s a very nice phone. Convinced a friend to get it as her first smartphone/android device and she loves it. I’m constantly customizing it with wHomever lol. Plus it plays divx/xvid! Sw Keyboard is awesome too

  2. Well 2.1 for spica nice but it’s difficult to get it if you buy it like me with a subscription… it’s not available and New PC studio don’t make the upgrade from 1.5 to 2.1.. (in France) so it’s only available without subscription mobile around 1% of the phone here !!

  3. And the no-contract price is unmoved and will remain the same until the phone is discontinued, since Rogers wants to lock people into *3* year contracts. Sigh.

  4. UGH! Rogers… Biggest mistake of my 3yr life (1 more to go)…. I WANT THE DROID X!!!! but this will be a nice toy next to my DroidX. Im still getting a droid X and just incase I run into a snag cuz its a verizon wireless phone, Ima have this lil buddy to fill in that gap. so I might have 2 phones again, LOL… Jeezz Now i see why ppl think ima dealer.. Oh and then I’ll have a work phone too, or use spica for business and DroidX for pleasure, awwwwyyyeeeaaahhhh!!!!

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