Apr 14th, 2010

Phones with slide-out QWERTY keyboards already have a decided advantage against full-touch screen phones when it comes to gaming. While on-screen buttons clutter up the visuals for full touchscreen controls, often times contributing to your own hand getting in your own way, slideout QWERTY devices provide a more spacious experience. But the Motorola Droid keyboard isn’t exactly the best-in-class for keyboard gaming either…

Enter the Game Gripper:

game-gripperFor only $15 from the Game Gripper website, you can get an accessory that LOOKS like it will making gaming on your Motorola Droid drastically more enjoyable. While it LOOKS like it could be some sort of advanced accessory that uses the media docking magnets, the Game Gripper actually just snaps on ABOVE the keyboard, transferring pressed Game Gripper keys to pressed Droid keyboard keys below.

Completely random sidenote: when I first saw the videographer reflection in the Droid screen and then saw his face light up with a big grin, I couldn’t help but think he reminded me a little bit of Kevin from the Office:

Told you it was random. Let us know if you get the game gripper and how it works with good old emulators like NESoid, SNESoid and other classics.

[Via Engadget]

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