Game Gripper Converts Droid Into Gaming-Friendly Gadget


Phones with slide-out QWERTY keyboards already have a decided advantage against full-touch screen phones when it comes to gaming. While on-screen buttons clutter up the visuals for full touchscreen controls, often times contributing to your own hand getting in your own way, slideout QWERTY devices provide a more spacious experience. But the Motorola Droid keyboard isn’t exactly the best-in-class for keyboard gaming either…

Enter the Game Gripper:

game-gripperFor only $15 from the Game Gripper website, you can get an accessory that LOOKS like it will making gaming on your Motorola Droid drastically more enjoyable. While it LOOKS like it could be some sort of advanced accessory that uses the media docking magnets, the Game Gripper actually just snaps on ABOVE the keyboard, transferring pressed Game Gripper keys to pressed Droid keyboard keys below.

Completely random sidenote: when I first saw the videographer reflection in the Droid screen and then saw his face light up with a big grin, I couldn’t help but think he reminded me a little bit of Kevin from the Office:

Told you it was random. Let us know if you get the game gripper and how it works with good old emulators like NESoid, SNESoid and other classics.

[Via Engadget]

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  1. Wow, I might need to get me one of those!

  2. im gonna get one looks realy cool and it was well needed for the NES games..this guy is gonna make alot of money….that is before the chinse knock off’s come around lol

  3. Sold!

  4. this gadget could finally land me that ps3 I’ve been eyeing! Let me explain.
    My wife loves the mario brothers and my wii recently broke because it’s a wii and it’s a piece of shit, so she can’t play the mario brothers anymore. And without cartoon italian stereotypes in her life she is basically a shell of person.
    So I will buy this gadget you see, and play it in her general vicinity.
    Then, in pied piper fashion, I shall lure her into the nearest pit or well or medieval dungeon whilst playing on my phone.
    Then, while she’s in the pit being eaten by tigers or sharks or a tiger riding a shark or something like that, I will totally go out and snag a PS3.
    Not sure what happens to my phone in this scenario, what with the tigers and pits and stalagmites and whatnot. But I have insurance. So. Sometimes you need to make a small sacrifice for an important cause.
    Thanks Phandroid!!!

  5. that will do mike, that will do

  6. why such hideous color choices? Think about the aesthetics!

    Its embarrassing enough to see a 30 year old playing video games on his phone, now you have to have some gaudy piece of plastic calling more attention to you?

    What were they thinking? Just mold it in black.

  7. sold out!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. should be black and green

  9. When they make one for the Samsung Moment, let me know.

  10. He looks more like Randy from My name is Earl to me.. lulz

  11. this would be great if there was one for the G1

  12. Actually it would be great if that slip on covered all of the buttons for the keyboard. It might actually make it usable!

  13. Agreed, colors are really ugly!!! Doesn’t matter though cuz it’s sold out!!!

  14. i need this for my moment

  15. I ordered one right after seeing the post on Engadget and the forums here. :D

  16. Coolish

  17. It would be nice on the Moment, but not really necessary. The Droid keyboard is horrible for gaming and requires an attachment to fully enjoy the emulators in the Market. The Moment keyboard is just fine really, though if your thumbs are too big, you can occasionally hit more than one key… depends on what you’re playing… Personally, I can play games well on my Moment and I hope Motorola has learned from the Droid keyboard fail. Motorola, when it comes to keyboards, stick with the Cliq!!

  18. How did you get the super mario world game on your droid?

  19. @Jess

    He is using the SNESoid emulator, and has put the Super Mario World ROM (which can be found on any number of sites) on the SD card used in his droid.

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