Alex eReader Shipping Today


The Alex eReader by Spring Design will being shipping out today to those that have pre-ordered the dual-screen tablet. This one sticks out from the growing list of Android-based tablets for its rather unique design, featuring a small screen for navigating through the operating system UI below a larger screen for displaying eBooks in a good selection of formats including EPUB, PDF, HTML, and TXT.


With a direct link to Google Books, there should be plenty of free and easy to access content available for the Alex eReader out of the box. For the price-point of $399 you will get a wifi-enabled version of the device featuring the following specs:

  • Dimensions: 4.7″ x 8.9″ x 0.5″
  • Weight: 11 ounces
  • USB 2.0
  • MicroSD expandable to 32GB
  • OTA updates
  • Multitasking across the EPD and LCD screens, allowing for simultaneous book reading and video watching

A 3G enabled EVDO/CDMA version is planned for release later this year.

[via CrunchGear]

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  1. Looks nice. However, I think at $399 it’s treading way to close to iPad territory. I mean, if you are already dropping $400 on this category of device, I am going to assume that another $100 won’t be a big deal to drop on the iPad.

    If it were priced at $299, it would look alot more attractive.

  2. Priced all wrong….even if it had TOP NOTCH performance specs

    There is Too many REALLY nice Android pads on the way to market that will beat this ones price point.

    At that price point…if i want a pad…i get a great pad

    if I want an e-reader I get a kindle that can hit the net were-ever i have cell signal

  3. While I like the concept, two things that are dealbreakers for me. 2.5mm headphone jack. I realize it is too thin to support a 3.5mm jack, but I don’t want to have to carry any adapters. Already getting the short end of that stick with my G1. I hate having to use adapters so I can use good headphones.

    Second, I wish it could support more book formats. I realize there might be licensing issues, but I would like to use it for textbooks. Having format limitations makes that unrealistic for me.

    Shame too, because I would love to have this reader. Especially with the ability to follow text links to web pages on the color screen below.

    Other than that I would probably buy it… however for that price and with those limitations I might as well buy an iPad.

  4. When the heck did “price point” enter the lexicon? What’s wrong with just saying “price”?

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