Nexus One To Receive An OTA Soon?


This rumor is very weak – the source didn’t mention where they got their information from – but Smartphone France claims that the Nexus One will soon receive an update sometime within the next few days. No word on whether or not this update would address some of the problems that Nexus One owners have been reporting, but I assume that it will considering Google has been quiet on most things lately (they did just give a statement as to why picture quality on 2.1 phones have degraded since 2.0).


Please don’t get excited as we have no way of telling if this rumor has any legs, but we’ll still keep our fingers crossed.

[Smartphone France via AndroidBoss]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. When will this, and many other phones, be coming to Sprint? It seems like every phone is for Overpriced Verizon.

  2. Yeah, I read this on a forum last night and it doesn’t cite any sources. Plus, you can never trust the french :P (joking)

  3. It would be awesome to have some working drivers for the FM transceiver.

  4. well if I see anything happen on mine I’ll let everyone know.

  5. Just got a phone yesterday, turned it on, and an update was available.

  6. I bet the tipster was confused over the HTC Desire and the HTC Nexus One.

  7. The “Give a statement” link is the same as the “problems…” link.

  8. To comment number 5. That update is for multitouch.

  9. I have the Nexus aka worst phone ever and I dont think this future gonna make a difference from the 1st update. They need to dizrecharge this phone and move on.

  10. @Anthony Just get an iphone and quit crying, My N1 is awesome

  11. @Anthony, i agree with Eddie Nexus one kicks ass buddy. if you dont know how to use it well dont by android OS phones!

  12. Why is it that anyone that has one of the defective Nexus Ones automatically “doesn’t know how to use it”. Well let me set you guys straight. I have a Nexus One and I know how to use it and it is the worst phone I have ever had. For the record I have had cellphones going all the way back to the bag-phone, so don’t talk to me about early adopters and lack of experience. I’ll say it one more time THE GOOGLE NEXUS ONE IS A DEFECTIVE PIECE OF JUNK the way it is now and GOOGLE has said NOTHING about fixing it!

  13. mrbill and anthony didn’t state one reason they didn’t like the n1. worst phone you’ve ever had, give me a break. I actually have an n1 and is by far the phone best phone I’ve ever had. Even better with CM.

  14. The source comes from a french guy who called HTC support concerning the crazy screen problem. They said him to wait for this “imminent” OTA update… Yeah, it’s a quite weak source :D

  15. I have the distinct feeling that anthony and mrbill are the same two individuals from the google support forums who have been complaining forever about the nexus one.

    If you don’t like the phone, or it has too many issues for you, sell it on ebay, move on, and stop filling our boards with useless crap.

  16. @phandroid i think it’s kind of irresponsible reporting to be throwing this information out when it’s basically an unverified rumour at this juncture. there’s a reason why it hasn’t been covered by engadget or slashdot, and that’s because it can’t be verified by anyone with any sort of credentials. it’s all just heresay. just like the thread(now locked) on the XDA forum (on april fools day) about the relocking of the nexus one bootloader, anyone can say anything, it doesn’t really MEAN anything until it’s verified.

    @mrbill , i’m going to go ahead and assume you’re the same mrbill with the LENGTHY 3g reception issue on the google support forum.
    just because you’ve seen a lack of support on your issues on the google forums and at HTC and have issues with your phone that you’ve been unable to rectify within standard measures, i don’t believe that really gives you license to blindly trash the N1 to anyone who will listen. you’re under a 1 year warranty, and you’ve stated in your thread on the google support forum that you’re unrooted, why not send the phone back to HTC and let them just look at the thing? they would certainly either rectify the issue or else replace the handset for you.


    1. @Snotf that’s why we treated it as a rumor.

  17. My system is currently up to date.
    I haven’t even had to root the phone yet and it’s frikkin awesome. I did contact HTC on Sunday about the screen issues that I’m having – sometimes doesn’t respond or clicks a completely different area.
    They got back to me with a phone number to ring to arrange for one of their team to have a look at it.

    So far the support doesn’t seem to bad. I guess I can’t really give a verdict til the problem is fixed though.

  18. @ Brian shut your broke as 1.6 Htc hero having a$$ up

  19. Guys at XDA tried ringing up the support line and no-one seems to know about the update so I’d saying it’s tipping the scale in the “false rumour” direction

  20. Guys, I agree with you about mrbill and Anthony. But I have to admit that there are a high number of defective N1’s that HTC is building. Higher than what is acceptable. My N1’s touchscreen is slowly degrading in response (the right 1/5 of the screen does not register 9 out of 10 touches). I’ve called Google and HTC and they’ve been WONDERFUL about it. HTC admitted that there is a manufacturing problem and that there have been a relatively high number of complaints vs. their other phones. Both company’s reps apologized several times, and even offered to refund my money PAST the grace period. I have nothing but positive experiences with Google and HTC’s customer service, regardless of all the bad press (it’s “front page news” when people are complaining, but “last page news when people are satisfied.” I choose instead to get a replacement N1 which I should be receiving next week. I’m assuming that I just got a defective device, and unlike mrbill, I’m not going to say that everyone will experience what I’m going through, because as many people here mentioned, that wouldn’t be honest. The reason why I didn’t just get my money back is because the N1 is simply the most incredible phone I have ever used and the #1 phone in the industry… for now. If I leave to get the Incredible on VZ or the Samsung Galaxy S on AT&T, I’ll spend over $700 more for unlimited phone, text, and internet service. To me, that’s just not worth it. So I’ll get my new N1 and keep my inexpensive service. It works for me. If my new N1 has the same problems, I’ll just replace it again, sell the new one on EBay and switch to Sprint to get the EVO 4G!! :)

  21. My Nexus One is by the far the best phone I have ever bought. Well worth every penny. I can’t believe how people are slating it (iPhone lovers no doubt).

    Android 2.2 is going to make the OS even better, I cannot wait for the update! Easily the most user friendly operating system and the phone is so polished, tip top!

    Good work Google and HTC!!

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