Apr 13th, 2010

Mint is a great online service for managing your finances and accounts that together with its accompanying iPhone app boasts a pretty significant 2 million users. While the web-based services are accessible to anyone regardless of what handset they own, users of Mint lacking in the iPhone department had long wondered when they would get to have their cake and eat it too, and it looks like they soon will be able to fill up on the sweet, minty treat.


Ask and though shall receive, as Mint states the upcoming Android version of their application is in direct response to requests from users of the service:

“Customer feedback and requests help determine upcoming products and features from Mint.com. In the coming months, the Mint team plans to address user requests, adding support for thousands of additional financial institutions and an Android application to expand its mobile presence beyond its award-winning iPhone application.”

Some people may not be all that big on the idea of allowing a 3rd party access to your accounts and financial information, but for the many making Mint the #1 personal finance app available, the service is a must-have. Mint allows you to control and track your budget, make adjustments, and view trends and history in your spending. The mobile app gives you quick access to this information wherever you go so you will always know if you have the excess cash for those impulse buys.