Google and Apple to Account for 75% of Tablet Market


An interesting report from electronics market research firm IMS is already making predictions on the outcome of the commencing tablet wars, and their figures indicate two very interesting things: 1) Tablets WILL catch on and create a revenue stream to the tune of $3.6 billion, and 2) Android and Apple will be the leading forces in this newest gadget push.

Their numbers are actually quite similar to what is currently seen in the mobile market, with Apple holding a 51 percent share and Android trailing with a healthy 24 percent. The key here is that IMS notes companies are starting to see Android as a viable competitor to Apple, with Android devices competing on the basis of low-cost and strong developer support.


One huge benefit for Android is the number of devices that will soon be available, creating an element of choice for the consumer, where Apple limits your decision to merely choosing the storage capacity of your iPad. The Android-powered WePad just got a release date, and Google is also planning to tap into the tablet market. I’m still not sold on the tablet concept just yet, but I’m sure many consumers do find value in this sort of device.

[eWeek via Android Authority]

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  1. First one to make one thats smaller than the average tablet with phone capabilities wins. Dell already has their 5in Android deal ready to roll. But going to AT&T I imagine it will get gutted at the request of Apple like the other devices.

  2. I would be interested to see what Googles version will be able to do.

  3. already got a droid and loving it. If i’m getting a tablet, it will be a full blown OS, HP Slate for me.

  4. @kevin,
    did you just make apple punch google in the face? or did apple miss the shot and google is giving him a nasty side blow?

  5. ^^ Yeah, it’s just like Rocky, only the opposite this time. Apollo Creed has just ducked under Rocky’s left jab towards the head and is about ready to land that right to Rocky’s body, cracking three ribs. It’s all over for Rocky this time. Nothing left but to yell “Aaaaaadrian” and wait out the weeks of peeing blood.

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