Apr 12th, 2010

Earlier today we learned that Google has its sights set on the tablet market with their own Andorid-based tablet device. While this announcement is sure to steal the limelight away from the WePad — which made quite a splash when first announced — pricing details and a release timeframe have emerged regarding the German-made tablet.


The tablet, which features almost everything the iPad does not (SD card slot, Flash, USB, and the Android Market) will be available at two price points in the same sleek finish. A 16GB wifi-only version weighs in at €449 while its 32GB counterpart sporting a full 1080P display, GPS, and 3G connectivity will have a price tag of €569.

The tablet will be available in Europe come July though there is no word on a US release. For the time being, this seems to be the Android tablet to beat, and many are touting it as a real competitor for the iPad. We’ll see how that holds up as more info comes in about the Google tablet.

[via CrunchGear]