GIPS Provides First Platform For Mobile Video Chat


Ever since the announcement of Sprint’s HTC Evo 4G you’ve probably been wondering when we’ll hear anything about more uses for the ever-desired front-facing camera it comes stocked with. Today, Global IP Solutions is announcing the availability of a platform that could see rapid development of mobile video chat in the very near future.


VideoEngine will allow developers to easily integrate video chat into new or existing applications without having to worry about the steel wall between their ideas and their cost-hungry technological concerns. By removing this barrier and providing a multi-platform framework to work on many devices, we’ll soon be able to blow virtual kisses to our loved ones from the convenience of pretty much where ever you are (just try not to get too affectionate in public, please, for the sake of those around you).

The platform will be available for Android, the iPhone, and Nokia’s Symbian OS. Already I can visualize many apps that would benefit from this: AOL would please many users by bringing this functionality to their instant messaging client and I’m sure Skype is actively shuffling about for a solution of their own (though I imagine they’re already cooking up a proprietary alternative).


Does this excite you guys for future phones better-equipped to take advantage of video chat like Sprint’s Evo 4G? What developers would you like to see adopt this platform and integrate it into new or existing apps? I would love to see more handset manufacturers include a front-facing camera as this functionality becomes more readily available. Leave your thoughts after checking out the full press release below.

SAN FRANCISCO, April 7 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ — Global IP Solutions (Oslo Bors: GIPS), the leading provider of HD voice and video processing solutions, announced today another first-to-market with GIPS VideoEngine for Android, which provides mobile developers the vital building blocks for integrating video conferencing/video chat into applications running Google’s Android mobile operating system.

“GIPS continues to innovate for mobile application developers by offering the ability to incorporate high-quality voice and video communications without having to worry about the complex challenges of wireless networks,” said GIPS’ Chief Marketing Officer Joyce Kim. “Mobile applications are becoming more and more sophisticated and by providing HD voice and video capabilities inside their applications, our customers continually differentiate themselves to lead the mobile application market.”

Mobile video application revenue is expected to double worldwide over the next four years to $2.42 billion, with much of the growth taking place this year, according to U.K.-based research firm Screen Digest. Now with GIPS VideoEngine™ Mobile, developers can integrate the best real-time video technology overcoming the multiple issues intrinsic to IP networks and devices. By dealing with obstacles such as delay, packet loss, bandwidth limitations and echo; GIPS VideoEngine Mobile ensures video conversations dynamically adjust with Wi-Fi or 3G cellular network conditions maintaining great caliber video.

“GIPS VideoEngine is capable of running on a wide variety of smartphone devices globally,” said Ronald Gruia, Frost & Sullivan’s Principal Analyst of Emerging Telecom. “Android is becoming the fastest growing operating system and with the addition of Android video support from GIPS, application developers can utilize established real-time video expertise without the need for heavy R&D investment to offer real time voice and video capabilities.”

GIPS VideoEngine Mobile is available on Android, iPhone and Windows Mobile OS platforms. Visit http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ncWdMNhDwHI to view more information.

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  1. This sounds great! :)

  2. I predict 38 seconds after this gets released we will see the first mobile chat/video porn site gets released.

  3. @treefq you say that like it’s a bad thing.

  4. Screw porn this should take sexting to the next level..

    I dub vexting!!! I’ll be having my girlfriend do all kinds of things when shes away haha

  5. Thank God. I’ve been waiting for months for improved sexting.

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