Apr 2nd, 2010

The HTC Desire is only available for T-Mobile UK because its brand stinkin’ new, but HTC is already telling Desire owners that an OTA is available and they should download pronto:

In our commitment to providing you with the best user experience, we are pushing out a new firmware update to your phone. Your phone will receive a notification of this update when it is made available. Simply press OK to accept the update via a data connection such as Wi-Fi or GPRS/3G. After installing the update, you can confirm a successful update by confirming the Software Number (From the Home Screen go to MENU> Settings> About Phone> Software information> Software number). The new software number after the update will be 1.15.405.4 for an HTC phone.

Note: We recommend using a free Wi-Fi hotspot or an unlimited data plan to apply this update. If not, standard data connection charges may apply. For any questions, please contact us at http://www.htc.com/www/CA_Hotline.aspx

We’re not sure what the 1.15.405.4 update fixes, patches, improves or otherwise, but if you’re an HTC Desire owner who has noticed a difference between the before and after – let us know! There are a bunch of people on the HTC Desire Forum following the OTA so head over there to join in.

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