HTC Desire & Legend Rooted, Tutorial Coming


That was quick! The HTC Desire and HTC Legend, two of the newest Android phones on the block, have just been rooted by Paul over at Modaco. There are still some kinks to be worked out, but when they are, he has promised to provide a complete tutorial so you can follow suit.


[Via Twitter, RedmondPie]

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  1. That was quick.
    I thought it was meant to take a while.

  2. haha to root the Nexus take 2 minutes though and requires 2 steps so…maybe this is good news for all of us. but they always make it harder to root phones in the US

  3. So can anyone get a hold of the people who rooted the desire and have them rip the launcher .apk so we can use it on the Droid?

  4. no EVERYTHING IN HTC SENSE IS DEPANDENT ON EACH OTHER. you have to be running a sense rom in order to use the launcher. but i hear they have a sense rom for the droid out now so that should fix your problem

  5. there is a “launcher2” on droid-life to download and it works like an application, BUT since the android 2.1 update1 has been sent out and installed, it force closes every single time. i was kind of pissed because it was so nice on the Moto Droid..almost flawless

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