First Look: HTC EVO 4G for Sprint [VIDEO]


We’ve seen a few “promotional” videos for the HTC EVO 4G, but up until now, they’ve all been rather mediocre and sloppily put together. But now, HTC has released a more whole-hearted effort and illustrating the beauty and capabilities of the EVO. For  your viewing pleasure, a clip that does the device a little more justice:

The spot is 1.5 minutes long, so it isn’t likely to be used as an actual commercial, but we’re expecting Sprint and HTC to promote the HECK out of this thing so I’m eager to see what their television-ready ad will look like.

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  1. music sucks….not good htc, but the phone is awesome. It is so big and so cool there is no adjective to describe it.

  2. your mom sucks

  3. and she sucks on something so big and so cool

  4. Can’t wait until they are released, If they accepted pre-orders I would be all over these.

    Sprint, this phone will be gaining you this verizon customer and the 4 lines I have on my account. Please release this soon!

  5. Awesome phone. I liked the cyclist’s “on the phone” gesture as he crossed the finish line ahead of the pack. HTC should’ve “video-shop’d” that part to put an EVO in his hand… now THAT would’ve been cool.

  6. The only thing I don’t like about this phone is how the camera lens protrudes just a tiny bit. Sounds picky, yes, but I wish it were flush.

    Then again I don’t have ANY android phone yet and I am waiting for hits/Nexus One so…

  7. If Sprint is smart, they will get these to market as soon as possible. But, remember this, HTC will want to recoup some monies still from earlier Android phones(Hero), so I would imagine sometime around end of summer (guess). By then, then euphoria over 2.1 upgrades will be dying down and people will be looking for more and or holiday gifts as well, lol. Stay tuned… Android=Innovation – gotta love it!

  8. WOW, this is the big effort?? Come on Sprint you have a beast of a phone and not just in size…you should be making a crazy promotions for this thing!! You need to “Bring It”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Bottom line: I WANT THIS PHONE!! I never thought I’d get this crazy over anything but the Evo 4G is crazy amazing! It washed all thoughts of Nexus, Incredible, and Droid out of my phone lust dreams.

  10. I will take a look at it.

  11. Can’t wait til it’s release…..HTC HD2 can’t compare to this phone by far. Maybe only the iPhone 4g can comes close.

  12. got my Nexus doing all these things already… Paul’s Modaco Sense UI Desire ROM… all the same widgets, Wifi tethering – which turns my Nexus into a hotspot… haven’t tried with multiple devices yet, but I’m pretty sure it will work… ah.. but i don’t have the popsicle kick stand… ;)

  13. they need to role out the update for the hero already. i’m tired of using android 1.5.

  14. I still like th Samsung Galaxy S better. But HTC as a brand is better. Hmmm. I also do not like CDMA which won’t allow web surfing and calling at the same time.

  15. Sorry Tmobile, but for 2 lines with 1600 mins, anymobile anytime, unlimited data and messaging under $120… you were in trouble….but this phone just sunk your battleship!! Sprint here I come!!!!

  16. I definitely want this phone. Goodbye VZW, hello Sprint! I can’t wait for it to release. I’m ready for a change. The Evo will definitely be a hit.

  17. Notice how around the camera its red and behind the kickstand its also red.
    I bet the guts are all red like the incredible the same way the hd mini is yellow behind the rear cover.

  18. seriously, we’ve been together for a long time t-mobile, i stuck with you through think and thin….but EVO is too damn fast and sexy to let pass me by! its not you its….no screw that, it you. peace ouuuuut!!!

  19. Sexiness in your hands!

  20. @Shane
    They have not confirmed nor denied the 4g will get in the way of talk.

  21. Gorgeous phone!!! Bye bye Verizon.

  22. HTC needs to roll out all their awesome phones ASAP, before the ITC completes its investigations into Apple’s complaints, so that the phones get into people’s hands. If they enhance their reputation and raise their public profile with a series of good phones before the ITC result, then whatever happens, the goodwill they have from the public will stand them in good stead. If they win, their phones will sell even faster. If they lose, the sympathy will hopefully be such that people continue to order HTC phones from overseas. After all, practically the rest of the world have IP laws where Apple’s pure software patents (esp ones like patenting a virtual touchscreen version of a physical slide to unlock/lock device) are not patentable.

  23. Can’t wait for the phone. Love the promo. Especially the shot out to the cycling world and Team HTC-Columbia. Even thought I hate Mark Cavendish, that was a good celebration crossing line for the sponsors.

  24. I am the owner the EVO is waiting for.
    Bring it! I’m busting my Droid contract to get the EVO.

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