Official HTC EVO 4G Promo Video From Sprint


Well look what I found! Sprint’s YouTube Channel has a video of the HTC EVO 4G that plays like a television commercial. A far too simple television commercial for the product at hand, and sometimes leaning into PowerPoint territory, but it gets the point across.

Sprint also introduced some much more… polished videos/commercials to promote their 4G service at a whole. Here is one where “Kate” shows us what she can do with 4G from Sprint:

All the videos have a “while I load, talk to this random celebrity” and then they quickly cut off the celebrity because the lightning fast 4G has already loaded the content. I’m wondering what approach they’ll take in the EVO commercials that will inevitably hit television sets this summer.

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Sprint CEO Dan Hesse Unveils HTC EVO 4G [VIDEO]

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  1. I think one intresting point is allowing the phone to be used as a router..Sprint has been a downer on any teethering unless you pay up…are they going to allow this feature to be used without crying money?

  2. that evo commercial is sick! just like with the droid it gains a lot of attention for android(TM). let’s hope they’ll market the shit out of this phone!

  3. Yes! Promote that Android OS!! :) Let’s stomp iPhone! lol

  4. i like android phoenes.

  5. I can’t get over how ridiculous this phone is. It’s the first phone I can think of that way over delivers in specs what other phones promised and never showed. That first commercial is seriously a “oh gee, lets just completely annihilate every other phone out there with an ad that overwhelms with crazy specs”

  6. Lol @ Sorry its already loaded.

  7. only problem is that it is Sprint.

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