Sprint Announces Sprint Free Guarantee: Satisfaction Guaranteed Or Money-Back


We heard that Sprint would be announcing SOMETHING today, and we thought it would be regarding data plans – we were only half right. Instead of providing a new pricing structure for smartphone data, the company announced a policy for new customers that – within 30 days of an agreement – would allow them to cancel their contract and walk away with all their money back. No early termination fee, no taxes, no monthly charge, no restocking fee, no nothin’.


To be honest, this is an absolutely incredible offer. Often times, people are nervous to switch carriers because they’re not sure how the reception will hold up, if they’ll get a good signal in their house or at work, and other factors that can’t be measured in store come into play. This provides an opportunity for potential Sprint customers to try their service essentially risk-free.

How does this compare to other carriers? Glad you asked:


As you can see, other carriers also provide a 30-day or less policy but it seems as though all include fees of some kind being kept and not returned to the customer. In the Sprint plan, you even get your monthly service plan waived. That means you COULD potentially just get a month of free Sprint service, back out at the last second, and call it a day. But let’s be real here people – taking advantage of a program like this is a bad idea – it’ll prevent carriers from continuing to innovate their pricing structure, services and offerings.

I agree with Jennifer Jolly who is quoted in the Press Release:

“We want this kind of honesty and transparency. We want to know there’s no more sticker-shock or bait and switch, that when a company promises us something, their word is good. Can you imagine if we could test drive a bank, health insurance, a credit-card, or any of the other things we spend our hard earned money on every month – free for 30-days? This is a big step in the right direction for Corporate America and we savvy shoppers are the ones who will benefit the most.”

Ads promoting the new deal will start airing tomorrow and you can find details about the program at sprint.com/guarantee

[Via Press Release]

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  1. Let the flood gates begin to open……….

  2. Personally, I’d rather hear about Android 2.1 Release Dates. Sprint’s forums are not looking pretty at all. Trolling by people wanting 2.1 & even unhappier that we are waiting longer than Verizon. I want a good release build but I think as more devices get Android 2.1, the Sprint crowd is jut going to get uglier. So less on the Evo & 4G plans, more on 2.1 release dates, Sprint. Thank you!

  3. LOL, well if you are rooted, there is already a confirmed legit “leaked” sprint 2.1 ROM out and fully functional, not to mention the legend 2.1 ROM that has been out for a while that is also fully functional. But if you don’t plan on rooting then I agree I would be upset also, but hey what can you really do about it. They are in total control as of now.

  4. Now if sprint made it so existing customers could walk… Well i know a few companies that would be out the door.

    Maybe a first step towards the full on… month to month. You are not happy here… find someone else.

    I can only wish.

    Long term Nextel user who has stayed only until I can get a Nexus One, Incredible, or Evo equivalent on VZW.

  5. Leaving sprint was one of the biggest mistakes I’ve made in a long time. I had nothing but great service and coverage from them and then I switched to Verizon for the Droid. Wasn’t worth it at all as I think using non-HTC android phones is a crapshoot when it comes to support and updates.

  6. Wow what a great deal. I definitely recommend some of you give it a try, I think you will be pleasantly surprised. I switched from Verizon a year ago becauase their plans were just so much dam cheaper…its not even close. The reception and coverage has been great, can’t comment on the customer service because I have not had to call them which is a good thing. I can’t find one thing to compalin about, definitely the best value in wireless right now.

  7. Lomg time Sprint customer and some times i just don’t get it. Right now i am getting my phone replaced with broken phone. They want me to do this three times plus before they will give me a phone that works. If only the customer statment above could filter down into all of Sprint WOW what an idea that would be. Customer Service that keeps customer happy??

  8. This is good for people if they want a new phone like the EVO but they are not sure about Sprint.

  9. This is just a last ditch effort do Sprint to find customers. I was with them for 8yrs. The last two I was charged for having a fee for 3G service but my area never got it. Switching to Verizon was the best move I’ve ever made. And having an HTC droid Eris has made it that much sweeter.

  10. Whoop-de-frickin’-do. Yeah, I said it.

  11. I really thought one of the other carriers did this before.

  12. @Jose people are dumb as shit if they think they are going to get the same update at the same time as a device already 2.0.1.. when still on 1.5,,, the eris will be after the hero and moment so sprint is the fastest getting their updates out so far… you guys gotta compare apples to apples not apples to Ferrari’s

  13. go sprint, the already best value network just go a lot better for new customer, go sprint…

  14. Not to be a Debbie Downer, but this really doesn’t change all that much. Maybe a few dollars difference between the now $0 and what they used to do. I cancelled a line over the holidays and I think it cost me a total of $20 dollars after all was said and done. When Sprint and other carriers give a 30 day guarantee, I kind of already assume it isn’t going go to cost me anything. In fact until I cancelled the line for the first time in 9 years, I didn’t realize it would cost me anything. But even when it was $20, it didn’t bother me. I imagine the already current 30 day guarantees with all the carriers are already enough to not prevent someone from trying out a certain carrier. I guess if they market the hell out of the totally free 30 days and draw big attention to the fact that they could end up paying $20+ on other carriers, they might be able to enlighten the public and gain new customers. But essentially they’d be opening up and drawing attention to a minor problem that I don’t think many people are even aware of or even care enough about. Where they would be innovative is if they offered something like this to existing customers, or if they started allowing all customers to upgrade every year at the 2 year upgrade price and all contracts were only for a year. That would be innovative.

  15. @greatcasa

    Just an FYI, Sprint already allows their current customers to upgrade every year at the 2 year upgrade price. Its called the premier customer program.

  16. Sprint already gives the 2 year deal after one year(Premiere Customers), but yes, you sign another 2 year deal. Understand, that their revenue comes from those monthly contracts. Those said contracts IMHO is the best offered value in the Mobile Carrier Industry. As a long time (14+ years) Sprint Customer, I can tell you that this move is obviously aimed at attracting NEW customers. Coupled with the 4G Service and recent attention to getting CONTEMPORARY and leading edge handsets to customers, I think sprint is finally waking up from it’s long sleep. Good for them and that relates to good for us Sprint customers. As for Customer Service… well, I have always gotten exactly what I want from them. That doesn’t meant I haven’t had problems, one of which took 5 months to straighten out, but in the end, I was completely satisfied. All in all, I like this not because it effects me or my situation, but because it shows me that Sprint is getting AGGRESSIVE for customers which again will bode well for all of us. Competition is a good thing! ;)

  17. Sprint is full of it. I’ve cancelled a couple of phones with VZW on their money back guarantee and was not charged one dime. In my 7 years with VZW I have not been charged not a single activation fee so why get a refund if you’re not charged. No restocking fee. I don’t even think they have a restocking fee policy since they have had the customer satisfaction period for years now. I used to have Sprint from 2001-2003 and I can see nothing has really changed all that much.

  18. FML

    I was a happy sprint customer until they said we have no plans of bringing Android to our company at this time.

    Then I was like forget it I can’t wait any longer and with MT3G coming out, I switched to TMO.

    So far, I’m probably paying the same ammount of money I’d be paying at Sprint. Coverage is the same and I never had a 3G phone with them so I can’t compare the data speed.

    I just hope that TMO brings us some good phones like the HD2 Android :\

  19. @scot – I feel your pain…im going through the same thing. I had plans of jumping ship for the hd2 when it dropped…..but I couldn’t bring myself to do it knowing the evo is on the brink of being released…..

  20. the only reason I would consider dumping Verizon for Sprint would be to get the Evo…I guess I have time though, the Evo isn’t here yet and my contract isn’t up for several months. By the time it is Verizon will either have some sweet Android offerings or I’m going to go for the Evo 4G. Kind of iffy about whether I want to go with Sprint though, I’ve had nothing but good signal and coverage with Verizon…my only complaint is how expensive they are. If Verizon gets an Evo equivalent, offers a family data plan, and upgrades to LTE soon then I would have no reason whatsoever to leave.

  21. @swazedahustla. Notice how I said “ALL customers to upgrade every year at the 2 year upgrade price [not just Premier customers which I am by the way] and ALL contracts were only for a year [1 YEAR],” and not the current 2. Regardless of being able to get a new phone with full discounts every year, it still requires you to sign a new 2 year contract.

  22. @greatone_pro if you have been with Verizon fo r 7 years like you said then obviously you shouldnt be getting charged any activation fees. Activation fees are for new customers switching from one carrier to another, not staying with the same carrier…you are just another Sprint hater..just admit it. If you like paying more for less, stay with verizon.

  23. @Abrown you will get same coverage with Sprint as you do with verizon. Sprint plan sinclude free roaming and sprint has roaming agreements with V everywhere they dont have service.

  24. @Abrown

    “my only complaint is how expensive they are [PAY MORE FOR LESS]. If Verizon gets an Evo equivalent [NOT UNTIL AT LEAST 2012 WHEN THEY HAVE A NETWORK CAPABLE OF SUPPORTING 4G/LTE], offers a family data plan [THATS ACTUALLY COMPETITIVE], and upgrades to LTE soon [[NOT ROLLING OUT ANYTHING MAJOR LTE WISE UNITL 2012] then I would have no reason whatsoever to leave [WITH ALL THAT AND SO MANY IF’S, WHY HAVEN’T YOU JUMPED SHIP ALREADY?].” :)

  25. @ Shay, Sprint’s EVO 4G is a HD2++, Double Plus OH YEA.

  26. I wish this was the policy a few years back when I switched from my old Cingular plan that AT&T graciously allowed me to keep after the merger even though it was off contract. The reception out at my house was nonexistent for Sprint and they were offering a 30-day thing back then but they didn’t mention all the hidden fees or anything so after 9 days (2 weekends) I canceled my service and when billing time came around for the first month I had a $350 bill for early termination + 1 month of service + activation fees etc. I called customer service multiple times and they said they would fix it and a month later I got another bill that just had the unused 21 days taken off from the first month but nothing else so it was still close to $300. The worst thing that happened during the attempts at fixing the problem was being put on hold for 30 minutes UNTIL THE CUSTOMER SERVICE OFFICE WAS CLOSED. I just recently switched back to Sprint on a family plan (can’t beat $12 a month for unlimited) after spending a few years on prepaid and the service is still spotty at my house but the one call to customer service was successful they were able to get my prepaid # ported over which the shitty Sprint store couldn’t do. But, it was a conference call with an AT&T rep who sounded like they were just an in-store associate somewhere fending off rabid customers so i’m still giving the credit to AT&T.

  27. This is good, it forces other carriers to adapt to similar rules.

  28. Verizon Wireless did this for awhile, but the program was cancelled. I believe it was prone to being abused by consumers. Either way, I think its a gimmick.

  29. Tried this with the flock browser, worked perfectly

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