Sprint Announcing New EVO Data Plans Tomorrow?


I think it’s safe to say that the HTC EVO 4G for Sprint is part of a huge mobile rEVOlution whereby regular consumers are adopting smartphones, using the mobile web and data intensive apps, and inherently sucking up carrier bandwidth. We’ve heard warnings before that the mobile data fee structure would be overhauled similar to how the Airline industry moved towards a “pay for your luggage” model. Could Sprint be leading the way, announcing new data plans starting tomorrow?


I think its very possible, but I have very little to support that theory. In fact, all we have are some internal documents suggsting a March 31st meeting is taking place that will cover “April Marketing Updates”. We have yet to hear about the EVO 4G pricing, release date and other details, so its possible this is a quick catch-me-up on all those important items. But with a smoking-fast new 4G network, now would be the time for Sprint to set precedent on how data fees should and will be incurred.

You may remember when the G1 was announced there was a huge hoopla about T-Mobile offering “Unlimited Data” although the data was technically capped at 5GB. What kind of unlimited plan has a limit? We haven’t heard any horror stories of the limit being broken and customers being screwed or dropped, but its certainly possible. But with 4G and the upcoming launch of more multimedia form factors such as tablets and netbooks, breaking that 5GB barrier might not be so hard afterall.

A movie here, an album download there, some video chat here, multiplied by the hundreds of thousands sure to have an EVO 4G and what do you have? Massive data usage. The question is, if Sprint DOES restructure data plans, what approach will they take? Tiered? Pay-As-You-Go by the GB? What do YOU think is the best and/or most logical solution?

Or maybe I’m TOTALLY off base and if you think that – let us know that too!

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  1. Haven’t they already stated specifically that 4G data has no cap?

  2. I think that it should be tiered. If you use more then 5 gig then it should go up like 10$ or so.

  3. Yes they have stated that. I saw it on the Sprint website. But the didn’t say if 4g would be priced different. I would be surprised if they changed their data structure though. It’s the one thing they have going for them, and I think they know it.

  4. it would be kinda difficult for them to suddenly change the 4g pricing since people have already are using the usb connection and overdrive on 4g uncapped.
    I guess they could all be grandfathered?
    this would/could be a deal breaker for me, my family data plan is already a good price (compared to others), but still expensive for a budget family.

  5. It is exciting as even though I am not getting it, its still a good phone.

  6. My hope is that Sprint will offer Simply Everything Plan for the 4G evo at $99.99 & knockdown the price of 3G simply everything down to $89.99. Wouldn’t that be cool? Maybe it’s simple & wishful thinking. But I really don’t think offering a $129.99 Simply Everything 4G plan will make people want to take that plan. It would be too expensive & take away from what Sprint offers it’s customers now which is price value.

  7. to comment nick: sprint has more going for them than just 4g data coverage, lets not forget they have the cheapest plan of all the major US carriers and the best value amonst them all…
    if you dont know what I’m talking about sprint has any mobile where you can talk to any mobile number in the US without using up your minutes. the only pitfall i would mention is there lack of variety in there cellphones line up(android smartphones in particular).

  8. @Jose, Sprint’s CEO has already announced that there will be NO premium charged for 4G. If 4G is available where you live or travel and you have an EVO, you will be able access it.

  9. Right now all of the carriers have tiered plans where you pay for the minutes. With more and more smartphone flying off the shelves I think the carriers need to adopt tiered plans for the data. Sprint already has their free mobile-to-mobile so why not just say unlimited minutes with a low, medium and high usage data plan. If it’s tiered similar to how the minutes are currently done it will provide data caps and have minimal impact to the customers.

  10. I agree… the one simple thing Sprint can do to screw up the 4G initiative is price it out of attraction. Why would I pay more? Surely the handset is going to cost more, but the cost of network infrastructure upgrading is factored in by accounts retention and market appeal, increase in accounts, etc. Yes, maybe a slight increase in Data costs, but offering something the others don’t have (4G) will increase revenue alone.

    The “ONE” thing Sprint has always had, which has kept me with them for so long, is the competitiveness of their service contracts. If they throw that business model out the window, then they will suffer for sure. I think they are aware of this.


  11. Here is my thinking on the matter. Why would I pay extra for 4G when it isn’t available to me or most of the country? I’m wit Jose, I recal watching a video where Sprint CEO stated no premium cost. Seriously how could they?

    Go to sprint.com and check out the coverage map then tell me, out of those area’s how many would still consider purchasing this phone if the cost were to go up, but the service is non exsistant? I’m in a NW suburb of Chicago and I do not receive 4G, I travel out West often and 4G is along the highways some of the way, but check Colorado for instance. There is pratically nothing there. Personally, I feel Sprint would be shooting them selves in the foot buy charging extra for coverage there just isn’t quite there.

    However, I can see a pay as you go feature of sorts. Imagine we’re all on the 5gig cap and that’s defualt, why not charge a premium for those looking for more space or better yet, do what the internet companies do, charge for speed. 3G = default price and 4G is sold buy download speed in a sence. I pay Comcast a bit more for their 12mgps download as suppose to their 6 or 8 simply because I want a faster speed… Just my 2 cents, sorry to ramble a bit

  12. Hesse has already stated it will have no cap and the current everything data plan (69.99) will work with 4g connection…

    4g is cheaper for sprint to make and maintain, they arn’t going to charge for it… we already get a “data charge” this is just a better way for them to get us that data

  13. I’ve got to hope and believe that Sprint will continue to lead the industry in their pricing plans vs. Network Coverage(Sorry T-Mobile). The idea of being charged more for 4G is not appealing at all. I will say that in order to get this phone I would be willing to pay $5, maybe even $10 more a month premium for the unlimited 4G, especially if for some reason they allowed free hotspot hook-up for our other mobile devices (crossing fingers but am guessing the hotspot/mifi like ability will cost the same as the current data plans for the Overdrive: $59.99 a a month). They will surely lose out if they go back to their days of charging a $25.00 premium for 3G phones in order to get the old “Power Pack” addon. I believe this really hurt Sprint in the long run. My guess is that if we see any increase in Sprint plans for 4G access, it will be minimal enough to not detour customers ($5-$10), but still bring in a nice chunk of change for Sprint when millions of their 50 million customers and new converts (I hope there’s quite a few) come on board.

  14. Dan Hesse Quotes via Endgaget from CTIA’s keynote from Dan Hesse:

    9:35AM It sounds like Sprint’s long-term plan is to go to an exclusively data-based model — voice minutes will start to go away, and it’ll be more about monthly byte buckets.

    9:35AM “It’s like standard def versus high def, but with that analogy, you paid more for the better service. With 4G, we’re giving you more for free.”

    9:34AM With 4G, “because we can produce a gigabyte cheaper, we can offer more to the customer.”

  15. People need to stop with these rumors, yes Sprint did say, there will not be any additional cost for 4G. 4G is and will remain unlimited!

  16. 4G will not have a premium on it, and like all other phones on Sprint, there will not be a data cap. However, the EVO will not offer PAM ability and the rollout of 4G networks will be slow. This is not to take away from the fact that this is going to be the fastest network, where available, and the best Android phone

  17. I don’t think data prices will change significantly. Although it will be faster/better service than offered before it will not be widespread. The majority of the US isn’t ready for 4G as of yet, so I find it hard to believe many people will pay an extra $20 just to have a 3G phone. Sprint needs the EVO to work and be widespread, not to bottleneck market share. Dan Hesse has hinted at that already.

  18. @greatcasa

    That’s exactly it, it’s cheaper to operate 4G as opposed to 3G. 4G allows for less towers than 3G. There were folks saying Sprint was crazy for selling the majority of their 3G towers. Now we know why!

  19. The competition is getting stiff now. The new iPhone could turn out to be amazing and be on Verizon. That right there should tell Sprint to keep prices lower. I Hope anyway. Apple is getting Ready for something big I would bet. They want the market share they lost in the last few months back.
    Just my 2 cents.
    I’m getting the Evo 4G no matter how much it costs me. I’m in love.

  20. If you follow Sprint you will know this is not the case. Everything Data plans are relatively new and their main selling point. They may move to data/VOIP only at some point but not this soon. Chances are this is to set the stage for their big realignment behind Evo and 4G in general. Over the next two months they will be educating their staff and preparing for the big launch. I think they know they can;’t afford to half-ass this launch like they did with the Pre. Sprint has great services and prices but they are doing terribly with subscribers and they need to turn that around to stay competitive.

  21. An amazing phone with 4G capabilities and the best plan prices can entice people to switch to Sprint, but I’m not so sure people would switch to pay extra for something that isn’t widely available. What if you travel often outside of their 4G? Maybe you commute to a bigger area with 4G, but live outside of that. Comcast/Cox/DSL can charge a premium for higher speeds because it’s sold to your house, and they can guarantee that speed because of the controlled environment. Mobile is a different story. Like others have said, Hesse even mentioned that it’ll be free, and it makes sense because they’ll make money vs 3G since it’s cheaper to provide.

  22. This phone makes me want to switch to Sprint and make EVO my first Android phone. :) (been waiting for a big jump) The big hurdle for me to change has been the idea that I need to have a phone that I can use in Europe and here as I do travel. But I only go to Europe every other year or so. So Sprint may be my friend for the next two years when EVO comes out.

  23. Hey fellow techies, lets just sit back and drool at this awesome piece of technology and give Sprint a high five for being first out of the gate with their 4G phone. I only live 35 minutes north of Chicago and I don’t have it yet but I would be willing to get this phone in hopes that the markets that do have it keep expanding as well as setting up new markets was well.

  24. @John
    I’m in California and we don’t have the WiMax yet either. But I would think it should be coming this way sooner rather than later as there is alot of people in CA. Not to mention Southern California where I am at.

  25. 4G data ,inlcuding the NEW Mifi 2200, will not have a cap because the data being transfered costs less to transfer because it on an entirely new and different network. Too bad at the Moment(pun) Sprint has not released any 4G capable phones.

  26. Sprint will not be capable of handling the massive data usage.
    Only VZW can. They have and will prove it again!!!!
    Droid Nation!!!!

  27. Unlimited needs to mean unlimited. Period. It should be illegal to say you get “unlimited data usage” up to X GB.

  28. Sprint currently offers two data devices that does 4g. the plans for that indicate unlimited data on 4G network and 5GB cap when used on 3G network. I expect any new plans to have similar cap.

  29. 4g will continue to be unlimited, you can bet on that. To the guy that says Sprint cannot maintain the traffic but Verizon will be able to, that cracks me up. Sprint and Verizon both use CDMA technology and EVDO Rev A for 3rd generation data. Sprint has been consistently rated by PC Magazine as the most reliable 3g network, and Sprint is the first and still only carrier with 4g. Sprint is also the majority owner of Clear, who offers 4g (WiMax) as an aircard 4g only service. The other carriers are only reacting to the best value in wireless, Sprint! The Hero is an outstanding device, and the HTC Evo this summer will be redunkudunk.

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