LG Swift Arriving April 30th


The LG Swift has successfully tiptoed onto the scene – first appearing in a User Agent Profile, then making a quiet appearance at CES 2009 in Las Vegas, and now subtly showing for pre-order at Play.com as the LG Swift GT540 due to be released April 30th.


We’re not exactly sure what you’ll get for your £199.99 as the specs sheet seems to be missing some rather crucial information. It’ll run Android, come with a 3MP camera, FM stereo, and all the other stuff you’d imagine your typical Android phone would have.


As for the other details you’ll have to stay tuned, but in the meantime check out this LG Swift GT540 video recorded at CTIA.

[Thanks Carl!]

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  1. Phone hasn’t even been released and it already looks dated… LG has taken a dive of late when it comes to what people want. Probably no accident that the spec sheet is missing… Who would want to advertise all of a products shortcommings? Can this really compare to anything that has been announced recently? Doubtful!

  2. SO. MUCH. BEZEL. with a phone that size, the screen should be HUGE.

  3. It looks like a bit of a fat device.

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