Xperia X10 Unlocked For America: Only $1000 On Amazon!


If you couldn’t sense the sarcasm in my “only” I’m informing you now – $1000 is an absolutely OUTRAGEOUS price to pay for an unlocked smartphone. Even devices at the tippety top of the totem don’t go for that much off contract, but the Xperia X10 is a little different. See… the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 isn’t currently available in the United States.  Are you a desperate baller with a Costanza wallet packed full of cash? Then grab the international version of the phone unlocked on Amazon:


The sellers (SimplyElectronics) seem trustworthy, too – out of 998 ratings in the past 12 months, 96% have been positive. If you’re going to take a gamble, this isn’t a bad bet, but it comes at a hefty cost. It looks like there is only 1 in stock so who will fall prey to the rich man’s impulse buy?

[Thanks Ron]

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  1. Looks like this one is on AT&Ts bandwidth
    No 1700/2100 for T-mobile 3G

  2. Has it even shipped anywhere yet? I though T-Mobile UK was going to be the first to get it, and that orders are available but are listed as “shipping in 8 days”.

    Must be a pre-production review model or something. But $1000 is pretty ridiculous.

  3. That’s so Dumb. The unlocked Nexus One definitely works in Mexico. Therefore, I’m pretty sure it also works in Europe. I will find out for sure by the end of April.

  4. pathetic… Nexus one is half the price .. who’s the idiot who would by this ?

  5. Could just wait until it lands on Rogers in Canada, then order it from there, probably $600 CDN.

  6. Sony is overpriced on almost everything they come out with.

  7. I agree with Jonathon. SonyEricsson has been overpricing their products for ages if you ever try to compare them with Nokia products with similar specs.

  8. 96% positive isn’t really that great, IMHO. A truly trustworthy place in my mind is 98% or better, with a lot of feedback. These guys have receved appx. 40 negative feedback reports in the last 12 months.

    I’m just sayin’…

  9. that’s really not too bad, alot of people just complaign about the product itself and blaim the seller… look at best buy and how many people write bad reviews on them just because they don’t like the product they purchased… not best buys fault

  10. I use a Nexus One in Europe (Hungary).
    So its definitely working i can tell u :)

  11. ^@Jonathan
    Not exactly, this is Sony Ericcson, it’s a different department from Sony so it’s not ALL Sony products.

  12. my idea get a friend that lives in the UK, give him the money for the full length of the cheapest contract i.e 10£ contract for 24 months with the phone cost 226£ so a little bit of maths: 226+240= 466£ that’s cheaper than on http://www.handtec.com though the phone will be locked to t-mobile tehee

  13. You need to take the word “Only” out of the title

  14. with no warranty is the only reason you need to not buy it.

  15. Is that a sony 46 inch TV or just a cell phone?

  16. >Son wrote on March 24, 2010
    >You need to take the word “Only” out of the title

    No, if he did that he’d have to edit the rest of the article to match. You did read the article, right?

  17. I work in a publishing company that sells books at around USD 100-150. recently we saw one of our books advertised on Amazon at USD 400. In other words, Sony may have nothing to do with this pricing.
    BTW i’m in India right now. See if I can spot one X10 in the Wild… Maybe pack one and resell it on Ebay. How much do you think the Earliest Adopter is willing to pay?

  18. @garet

    It may cost extra, but you can always get a warranty through square trade.

  19. Sony doesn’t have anything to do with the pricing, that’s just because the phone hasn’t come out yet. Maybe a Rogers model someone stole, because it wouldn’t work with more Europe 3G.

  20. they must be getting crazy, OMG this phone is not the beast it was 5 months ago, now there are many 1ghz phones, with better screens and better OS (i mean 2.0 or 2.1)

  21. Are you kidding me? I wouldn’t pay $50 for it. SE you fail!!

  22. what a f-in joke!

  23. This is one expensive phone.
    Whats with the price Sony?

  24. 4% of the customers, the ones with the bad reviews, must’ve gotten bobcats instead of phones.

  25. Well, … that’s certainly misleading.
    -From a user shop on Amazon-

  26. I played about with an Xperia in a shop on Sunday (It goes on sale in Japan next Thursday) but I was unimpressed.

    The touchscreen was disappointingly unresponsive and the interface itself wasn’t particularly snappy. I’d say it is mostly due to the fact that it currently runs 1.6.

    I say give it a miss until SonyEricsson upgrade to 2.1 and beyond.

  27. In Expansys we can buy one for 555 euros :)

  28. Even here in Europe, it’s a lot more expensive than the Desire, which is good, because I prefer the Desire :)

  29. Got to admit it though. Thats one good looking phone.

  30. Another one on Amazon has the specs as:

    GSM/GPRS/EDGE 850/900/1800/1900
    UMTS/HSPA 900/1700/2100

    That’s T-mobile’s 3G UMTS :) (phone should also should work on AT&T)

  31. Well gsmarena is reporting that the phone will be coming to the US for USD 770. I don’t know how much that helps. Is it really worthwhile to pay an extra 240 bucks for 3 more megapixels and SE’s UI?


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