4G, Front Facing Cam, HDMI Out Get Dev Help From Sprint


htc-evo-devThe Sprint HTC EVO 4G has a few features that no other mainstream Android Phones have: 4G connectivity, a front facing camera for video chat, and HDMI Video Out. Unfortunately, current versions of Android don’t support these features in terms of developer tools/information. Until they do, Sprint has bridged the gap by offering an EVO 4G Developer Guide (PDF LINK) on their Android Developer Site that helps Android Developers tap into these hot new features.

A small snippet/example:


We’re sure the Android Team is working hard to incorporate support for these features – Sprint merely wants to make sure developers have access PRIOR to launch so that some EVO-ready apps are waiting to take advantage of the phone’s unique features.

Get crackin’ devs!

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  1. what is the front facing camera going to be used for? is there a video calling/chat program out there i am not aware of?

  2. ….skype? and qik comes pre- installed and can be used blog style… im sure MANY will hit the device since it is aimed at govnmt, police, and dr’s im sure they’d love to video conference

  3. its for the ladies, and I guess some men out there that want to check their hair and makeup while texting and driving.

  4. By all appearances it looks like Sprint is right on the ball with this so far. Exciting launch? Check. Blogs buzzing? Check. Destroying all Android handsets in one fell swoop? Check. EVO specific Apps at launch? On the way.

    I was critical of how Sprint handled the launch of the Hero a few months back but I have to admit they set a new benchmark in the last 24 hours with one handset. Oh, and lets not forget what Sprint customers still have to look forward to. 2.1 updates to the Original Hero and Moment in the next few weeks or so, The Nexus One, and a rumoured HTC Legend branded to be the Hero II. If half of this stuff pans out Sprint has set the bar for carriers and others will need to step up.

  5. Does anyone notice that Sprint’s 4G only has a maximum speed of 8Mbps? Isn’t AT&T’s 3G a max of 7.2Mbps? Tmobile is rolling out 7.2Mbps and working on a 21Mbps max that is considered 3G still. So someone tell me how Sprint’s 4G is really 4G. Let’s not count the fact that I have never personally meet anyone who hasn’t had connection issues, service problems and lots of dropped calls with sprint. I think people see 4G and 3G and think 4G is automatically faster and better. I’m not saying Tmobile or at&t are perfect, but numbers don’t lie. I actually wish sprint was better because I like their plans and phones. I think this is just another marketing trick to make people believe their network is the fastest, because let’s face it, we all want our cell network to work as fast as our broadband connection.

  6. yeah, I was curious how fast they would get out these new tools for devs since the stack doesn’t support crazy ass features like dual cameras, HD out and 4G. This is going to be a wicked awesome phone…..until the 1.3GHz chips and the dual cores come out around Christmas. But there ain’t no way anyone can call the 1GHz sluggish even with those other processors!

  7. ok who wants to buy my droid and verizon contract? i’m switching back to sprint

  8. @Derrick: I’m not gonna go into it, but the major difference is while we are reaching the maximum possible bandwidth on 3G, we are still far from reaching the maximum bandwith of 4G. Si even if 4G is not considerably faster than 3G+ AT THE MOMENT, it will increase over time just like 3G did. So the future IS indeed to 4G, as 3G is reaching the end of it’s life ;)

  9. @ Jeff
    You made your bed, now sleep in [email protected]

  10. @jeff yeah me too…as I’m feeling the pangs of jealousy creep in for all those lucky Sprint guys.

  11. lol yep … unfortunately i’m not wealthy enough to just switch phones every time a better phone comes out so i’ll have to wait a while until my droid/verizon contract is up… but by then there’ll be android 4.0 on a multi-core 2 ghz processor phone with 8 gb of ram!!11

    oh and 5G speeds and 1080p res with a fantastic keyboard duh

  12. @jeff.
    wow, when you put it like that I’m so jealous of you. Imagine.. you’re going to be able to get the 2ghz phone about 6 months before me. Ok, fine.. i’ll skip the EVO and i’ll buy your droid. who do i write the check out to!? “jeff”?

  13. @Derrick
    OK, if you want to quote facts, then quote facts. I have been a Sprint user for many years. I agree that Sprint service was questionable years ago, but they have greatly improved in the past 2-3 years. I never have connectivity problems, unless I am talking to someone on an iphone in downtown L.A, but that is a different story. I have found their customer service to be great,and I haven’t had a dropped call in years. Admittedly, Sprint’s business practices have not been stellar, but that appears to be changing also. As already mentioned, look at how they are handling this launch. I’ll stick with Sprint.

  14. @Derrick
    I switched to Sprint Hero from ATT Iphone 3G. I can tell you that my dropped calls and high billing rates have disappeared (saving $60 a month) ever since I made the switch. Even if the Sprint EVO was only 3G unit, it would still be better than all other phones currently available.

  15. EVO 4G is too big for my taste. I don’t want to walk around with a big iPad like device which does not even fit comfortably in my shirt pocket or even the pants pocket. I also do not wish to hold up a big pad like device to my ear while making a call. I think the Nexus One is just the perfect size smartphone for me.

    I don’t want a thing with a big screen hanging from my belt, coz that’s where this will most easily fit (outside of the pocket). i would look like the UPS or FedEx guy with the huge scanner hanging on their back pockets ;)

  16. This is an awesome phone. I can’t wait until this hits the UK market. I’ll be buying it from day one. It’s good to finally see a phone that has absolutely everything. SE X10 is nice but it is coming out with Android 1.6 and doesn’t appear to have a digital compass (AFAIK). I really hope this comes to UK before summer.

  17. Even though I live in the 5th largest city, and no Wimax here yet, nor planned for this year, I am still planning on springing for this phone, unless the phone and the plan are too steep. I will pay a slight premium, but not a lot.

    I too have the Droid, but bought it before the ETF doubled, so I will just pay my ETF and head over to Sprint for this beast.

  18. I don’t think there is any need for the front facing camera.

  19. @webby
    It’d be funny to see you 6 months later paying another ETF to get the latest and greatest. I wonder how much your ETF’s will add up over, oh, say 5 years or until phones get holographic technology.

  20. @jo

    yeah “‘jeff” will be perfect

  21. How made Wimax 4G? There have not been a decision about this as far as I know and LTE looks as the best candidate for 4G.
    False marketing I say! I still like the phone.
    @Bob The X10 has a digital compass.

  22. @Hank
    How = Who

  23. This phone makes the Droid look like a joke

  24. I feel for all you Sprint Haters! Sprint’s time is now. They are changing the game with this device. I tell people all the time. Sprint has affordable rates. We were behind in the cell phone race but not anymore. I have been with Sprint for at least 6 years. And they have grown to be a major competitor in this industry. My experience has been overall good. For all you band wagon jumpers, now is the time. Come see what it’s like to pay a phone bill thats cheaper than your car insurance, and still have unlimited features. If you do the math, Sprint is just cheaper than everyone else and you will have better coverage than the other carriers. Verizon and Sprint are pretty much the same company, Verizon just wants all your money. Iphone users are dropping calls like no tomorrow, and TMobile customers can’t even make a phone call in doors. Sounds like a win for Sprint.

    1. Touch Pro
    2. HTC Hero
    3. EVO 4G

  25. @Hank

    LTE is a long way off. Most likely not to be looked forward to until 2013-2015. WiMAX will have already been rolled out in most major cities with a huge customer base. Plus WiMAX is more than just a cellular bandwidth, it has a backhaul advantage over LTE. Stop listening to what you hear on the news and bias opinions of other carriers. They are being left in the dust, they know it, and Sprint is now bringing a strong backbone to their network making the others look “behind the times”. Maybe a little research between the two can help clear it up for you.

  26. The front facing camera is for homemade videos with your girl..duh!

  27. @matt…nice!
    but only 1.3 it will make the nasty look nasty.

  28. I’m with webby “F” the ETF, I’m getting this phone, even if I have to add another line. Then it’s bye bye Hero, & Overdrive.
    In a 4G market, I wonder if the Data side will be limited to 5GB like it is in 3G markets on the Overdrive & MiFi (have both) like it is now? The overdrive is currently unlimited in 4G.

  29. @Squiggie
    First there are to networks already diploid. As fare as I know there know backhaul advantages for Wimax over LTE. However the speed and ping time is far superior with LTE.
    Sprint is doing a stupid investment in the long run. The rest of the world will choose LTE and the U.S will get divided into two again (CDMA/GSM). This will result in fewer phone models that the carrier can choose from since most of the will be developed for LTE.

    But my point was there are no such thing as a 4G standard yet so they should not call it that.

  30. @Hank
    I will turn of auto correction now…
    Btw I don’t have to do research between the two but it seems that you are a bit bias yourself. Might want to take a look what the rest of the world is doing…

  31. A limited 4G standard that has maybe three other carriers globally and the third place wireless carrier as an exclusive partner which, by their quarterly subscriber numbers, shows no one wants to switch to them. Sounds like another winner in the Sprint and Android columns.

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