Motorola Droid With Android 2.1 And HTC Sense


If you could care less about luxuries necessities like 3G, bluetooth, and GPS and just want Android 2.1, Flash and HTC Sense on your Motorola Droid, then some in depth hackery might soon get the job done. Over at AllDroid they’ve managed to accomplish the task and capture the success on video:

For the advanced, daring, and fearless modders of the world you can enter at your own risk. Even if you totally brick your phone, there are a billion hot Androids upcoming… right? Whatever it takes to convince yourself, I suppose!

[Thanks Bex!]

Rob Jackson
I'm an Android and Tech lover, but first and foremost I consider myself a creative thinker and entrepreneurial spirit with a passion for ideas of all sizes. I'm a sports lover who cheers for the Orange (College), Ravens (NFL), (Orioles), and Yankees (long story). I live in Baltimore and wear it on my sleeve, with an Under Armour logo. I also love traveling... where do you want to go?

Motorola i1 PTT Android Video Demo

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  1. Oy… Still waiting on the OTA, but it’s KILLING me!

  2. Rob, it’s if you COULDN’T care less. Not could care less.

  3. Speaking of 2.1 and Sense, where the hell was Verizon and the HTC Incredible in Las Vegas????!!!

  4. It’s actually, “i COULD care less.” Condemning it for being logical nonsense misses the point of the statement entirely… which is that the sarcastic tone of making the statement envokes the notion that they don’t care, and they don’t even care to find something in the world that they care less about.

    Let’s remove that statement to explain it better. If you and I worked in the same office, and you came in from outside and said “The weather outside sucks.” I would respond, “Tell me about it!”… which really means in a polite way the following: shut up, I already know about it and agree/am sick of hearing about it.

    Another similar phrase would be “I should be so lucky.” When used properly, that phrase is used in a self-deprecatory way. If something bad happened, maybe you lost your debit card, someone may say to you “At least no one used it to buy anything.” A common response might be “I should be so lucky.” No, they don’t want people to find and use their debit card… they’re being sarcastic.

  5. Nope! ‘I Couldn’t Care Less’ is the absolutely correct phrase. People who say ‘I could care less’ aren’t being sarcastic. They are just incorrectly parroting an idiom that they don’t understand. It’s sad really.

  6. bunch of baloney, Jay is right, it’s “I couldn’t care less”.

    While “could care less” could be correct if people were deliberately using it sarcastically, most people aren’t. they are just repeating phrases they hear without thinking about the meaning of the words they are using.

  7. Android 2.1 is secretly hacked by Shodan LOL!

  8. TF
    really, you’re wrong – it’s “could NOT care less” – there is nothing you care less about. There’s no sarcasm implied in the sentence in which its used.

  9. All the semantic nonsense aside… Am I the only one who thinks it’s huge that we’re looking at flash on a wild rom? It should be widely available soon, right?

  10. 3g works. you just need to turn it off to make calls. This is still a beta rom so it will all be fixed. New releases are here

  11. GOD, what about the 2.1 update?

  12. No, really… I’m right. Cursory internet research would reveal that to you. “I couldn’t care less” is a term used and originated in England. The United States exclusively uses “I could care less” as the statement. Whether it originated as a misuse of the English term or not, it’s correct when used in American dialects. Just like we spell it defense, offense, color, honor, and pronounce “schedule” as sked-you-uhl instead of shed-yul. Since Rob has made clear he’s from Baltimore… well, then, I think we’re done here.

  13. TF:
    Rob might very well be from Baltimore, but we can see from Drew’s use of the phrase “bunch of baloney” that he is highly likely to also be from the USA, so perhaps it’s not quite cut and dried as you suggest. If we can discount sarcasm (which we can, from the context), what else do we have other than an incorrect use of a term? It looks to me like people are simply making a mistake, and/or repeating an inaccurate phrase, and then going `blahblahblahnotlistening` rather than going `oh yeah, I see what you’re saying` and using the correct usage in future.

  14. This is the shit I like Nice work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. i would honestly wait a while before trying this rom if you have not tried it already its very broken and calling is a big part of having a phone and from my experience this rom is not worth flashing just yet there is no way anyone could really get by with this rom in daily use but if your really curious then go ahead but as for me i’ll wait for the beta release before using this daily cause from what i tried with the current release the browser is the best part

  16. My droid make calls in receive them just find!

  17. Thats pretty cool.

    I can’t wait for my HTC Desire.

  18. I could care lass, if I made an effort.

  19. I couldn’t care less about a term used in England and mangled over here in the states as I don’t know anyone that actually uses that term in conversation. What does bother me is the misuse of “nauseous”, where “nauseated” should be used.

    I want my 2.1 now. I am entitled.

  20. Rob isn’t in Baltimore. He’s in Ellicott City. HUGE difference.

  21. I see all of the out of work English majors are in full effect in the comments. Did you really think that the correct usage of idioms and pluperfect subjunctives was going to lead you to a promising career? Freelance journalist???? Ha!!!!

  22. If you want 2.1 got to mydroidworld and get Blackdroid roms very stable and very nice work I have been running them since I got my droid

  23. Haha! There’s nothing like getting my droid 2.1 update right before I lay down to bed @ 230am and then curiously making use of the browser to find out just what it was that was updated… only instead, I find my self back in comp 2 laughing my haunches to sleep as I ponder the comments in 8pt arial. The world is an amazing place and the internet is, well, limitless.

    P.S: djbnail, you topped this discussion!

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