Sprint CEO Dan Hesse Unveils HTC EVO 4G [VIDEO]


Maybe you’re not in Vegas with the tens of thousands of electronics but wish you were. Maybe you wish you could have been sitting there live watching Sprint CEO Dan Hesse unveil the first 4G Android phone in the HTC EVO 4G. Maybe there is something called YouTube that will let you watch it after the fact… a decent consolation prize:

It seemed a bit odd when he pulled the sheet off the phone and unveiled it, but tried to make  a funny by comparing himself to Carol Merrill – the beautiful “Let’s Make A Deal” game show model. Not the best presentation I’ve seen – especially undercutting himself by suggesting “plants” were in the crowd when applauding – but the end result is fantastic. The end result being the HTC EVO 4G.

UPDATE: Here is HTC CEO Peter Chou’s portion of the announcement

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  1. hey he’s not the coolest public speaker but he is a great CEO and does things like ^THIS^ thank make him perfect for that world

  2. And 30 seconds of awkward silence and posing in the second video… FTW.

  3. Talk about killing the iPhone…I think this puts it 6 feet underground. It even kills the Nexus One in specs. Not that I care about stupid killing of anything but, oh my, does this ‘Droid do! and hey another 1st where HTC beats the iPhone…the 1st 4G smartphone! Take that Steve Jobs!

  4. This is an amazing device.
    I wonder what Apple will try to compete with.

  5. I have always thought that the CEO of HTC as a great public speaker. His presentation of words come across very well and he routinely paints a vivid picture of his products. I’ve had the HTC Touch, HTC Hero….and now I want the EVO. It’s the end all for phones..this year.

  6. Happy that the EVO is out & looks like the first phone to Android kill the iPhone. The only way Apple could top this is with a dual core Snapdragon, 1 GB of Memory, 4×5 screen, 128 GB of storage, 1200×800 AMOLED screen, & 11 hours of battery life. But look how fast did Android go from the G1 all the way up to the EVO. The iPhone didn’t get really good until the iPhone 3GS. Even the Nexus One, Droid, & Moment started to exceed an iPhone 3GS capabilities.

    Apple just looks punch drunk & slow compared to Android & it’s partner. I suspect that what happened with Microsoft & Apple will be replicated by Google. Now if this HTC lawsuit would swing HTC’s way, that is what Android needs to happen.

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