Stream Video Android-To-iPhone And All Around With Knocking Live Video


knocking-live-video-logoKnocking Live Video had to pull some strings to get their iPhone-to-iPhone streaming video on the App Store but alas it’s there. Now the company is working on an Android application that will allow users to stream video between an Android and an iPhone.

Pretty neat, right? Now imagine what Knocking Live Video could accomplish if they utilize the EVO 4G Front-Cam and Video Out! The way it works is fantastically simple, as explained by TechCrunch:

Once you download the app and set up an account, you can search to find friends who are on the network and then request to start streaming video. Your friend has to approve your friend request in order to begin streaming live video to each other.

When can I start? Qik is prepackaged on the EVO 4G but it looks like they’ll have some competition!

Rob Jackson
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4G, Front Facing Cam, HDMI Out Get Dev Help From Sprint

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  1. Why do they call it Knocking Live Video? All kinds of innuendos come to mind from knocking…

  2. Does this work with the Sprint Hero? I can’t find it in the Android Market

  3. “Now the company is working on an Android application..”

    They are still working on it.. it hasn’t been released yet.

  4. Had to get this! Turning all my buddies on to this right now.

  5. Split the screen and show knocking live interactively chatting with another…I see him and he sees me….would be neat idea!

  6. It’s available now.
    Works great.

  7. Thats pretty sweet but most of my friends have android devices anyway.

    Its a good idea though.

  8. This app doesn’t even show up. I have a samsung moment. Runs 1.5 os is that the reason?

  9. I have a Hero, rooted with DC v1.0 and I downloaded it, but it’s not really made for the Hero. A lot of the words are cut off. I’m guessing because it is made for the Droid and Nexus One with a bigger screen. My friend with a Droid did however stream video to my phone, but I haven’t tried to stream to his.

  10. No sound but cool nonetheless.

  11. The description on the market says it is only for nexus one and droid. Been testing it out for a few days so feel free to add/knock me. Username: jwaterworth

  12. The #1 thing I miss is if u had a blackberry u could use all apps like other bb users. This app is not for android…if it was I would be able to use…pretty pissed they make this app sound like its for all android devices….ruhtards! Make it so ev1 can use it! Effin politics!

  13. Hi All,

    Just wanted to share with all that currently the Knockinglive app for Android is in beta version and we have been getting some very encouraging feedback from users. We are working on making KLV Android more robust and hope to resolve all issues soon.

    You can reach us on the Knockinglive forum here: or catch on Twitter: and Facebook:

    Rajika on behalf of Team KnockingLive

  14. Hey i have a droid eris for verizon and i cannot find the app in the market place or a website to download it OTA??? please help. Email me [email protected] PLEASE HELP thank you

  15. Is this just for Video, or does it support a simultanious audio stream as well? Also, can the streams be saved (recorded)on either end?

  16. Hello Everyone

    Just an update. We are very pleased that the HTC Droid Eris and the Hero can now load Knocking Live Video thanks to the Android 2.1 update. We are constantly working to optimize KLV for compatible Android capable phones. One of which will be the EVO 4G which we are very excited for. As always, you can reach us at or catch news and updates on Twitter: and Facebook:

    Thank you Rob for the great article.


    Matthew on behalf of Knocking Live

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