Samsung Galaxy S: Screen, Speed & Content


samsung-galaxy-sAt CTIA’s opening day keynotes, Samsung took the opportunity to confirm what we expected – the announcement of the Samsung Galaxy S. They promised a full event for media immediately following (so its happening right now) and a release to EVERYONE at the event later in the day.

The unveiling came after a discussion about Samsung’s new 3-pronged approach for their smartphones:

  1. Screen – Samsung’s Super AMOLED displays are 20% brighter and 80% less reflective
  2. Speed – Samsung’s 1 GHz processor will power dense multimedia and switching between apps without a hitch
  3. Content – new collaborations with top content providers will bring full length movies, TV shows, videos, books, magazines and more to Samsung Android phones

The Samsung Galaxy S was announced as the first phone to take advantage of these features for Samsung in the new smartphone race, with the sExpect to learn all the nitty gritty details about the Samsung Galaxy S later today, with hands on videos and image galleries from around the web. Stay tuned!

Rob Jackson
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  1. this looks pretty nice! did they announce a carrier for this yet?

  2. Boy does android have some strong legs under it. This looks to be a very nice phone. I’d like to see the super AMOLED in person to see the difference it makes in the sun as my N1 is 100% unreadable in direct sunlight. (Still a beautiful screen though).

  3. I heard that Sony will finally unveil today the long awaited screenshot of the video of the xperia demo sporting android 2.1 to be launched sometime VERY soon in the distant future

  4. This seems pretty cool. The article forgot to mention it’s a 4″ screen. I’m still waiting on the Supersonic, though :)

  5. They better change the iPhone style icons or Apple will sue them.

  6. I’m just a little confused where the home button is. I see menu and back, but no home button.

  7. @GZ, I think Samsung might be spoiling for a fight with Apple ;-)

  8. @Tom Robson, Yeah…Maybe Samsung feels left out since Apple went on a sue happy rampage and didn’t include them.

  9. Hrmmm..the entire content portion kinda erks me.
    I understand why samsung would want this as it would excite buyers to their brand of android phones, but doesnt it just confuse what android is all about?

  10. worst pic ever for a headline… wtf???

  11. @ mi_canuck – Yeah, the phone is very blurry.

  12. was there a huge typo in the article? this part: “…new smartphone race, with the sExpect to learn all the…” really confused me, with the sExpect part.

  13. Well, having been burnt by buying the original Samsung Galaxy a mere 5 months ago and now stuck in 1.5 world they can go stick their new phones where the sun doesnt rise. I’m off to HTC.

  14. I watched the keynote and it was great and I think this is a great phone to have especially it is Android 2.1. Does anybody know if they have Chinese Language on it, we don’t have too many French here and they always include the French language for other Samsung’s phones including the Impression A877 (A877 has AMOLED and it is nice and I expect the Super AMOLED is even better) which I just got few days ago. I have few phones to upgrade to Android and I hope they are coming to AT&T because I travel a lot around the world and I need GSM phones to be more compatible around the world.

  15. They better bring this out soon cause I want it

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