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Take a look at what HTC just launched for its American customers – an online store at that allows you to select a device, select a carrier, select a pricing plan and get everything done directly from their website. At first glance this might look like a bold move set to offset what Google has done in altering the distribution model of mobile phones.


That isn’t the case at all… at least we don’t think. A quick look at the privacy statement shows the store is run by 3rd party retailer and is just customized/branded for HTC.


The press release also makes no mention of, but obviously the goal is to brand it as an HTC experience. And in all honesty, HTC could just be leveraging LetsTalk’s e-commerce infrastructure which would make sense, instead of building it all from scratch.

Consumers can select from a range of HTC products at

LAS VEGAS March 23, 2010– Today, HTC announced the launch of its e-commerce site at On this website, consumers can now browse and purchase from a range of HTC phones and accessories, as well as activate their new handset by selecting a rate plan from one of the four nationwide US operators.

“As HTC continues to grow its brand and customer base, we believe it is important to have one place for our customers to find very best devices, plans and accessories to match their lifestyle and needs. Personal choice guides our products, and it is also what we are looking to bring to the online shopping experience that we are announcing today,” said Jason Mackenzie, Vice President of HTC America. “We realize that there is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to smartphones and service plans, which is why HTC is committed to delivering an experience that makes it easy to find the right solution for individual needs.”

When a customer accesses the site, available devices can be filtered by carrier, type of rate plan and desired features. After making the selection and checking out, activated devices and accessory orders of at least $50 are sent to the customer with no shipping charges. HTC also offers a 15-day money back guarantee allowing any equipment purchased online to be returned within that time frame free of charge. Additionally, customers also have the option to finalize their purchases over the phone.

The site also stocks a wide selection of hard-to-find accessories for customers looking to truly personalize their mobile experience. Items ranging from wrist straps and gel skins to home audio cables and international travel kits are all easily available in one place for the first time.

This isn’t anything too out of the ordinary… both Dell and Phandroid have branded “stores” through which mobile phones are sold, powered by Simplexity. For example, you can get a great deal on the Motorola Droid through our store!

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  1. What’s the point if they don’t offer either unlocked phones or any special accessories. I can just buy a phone with a contract straight from the carier.

  2. this is pretty sweet. it’d be nice if it showed like a “up coming” section so you can pre-order. who knows

  3. @peter – I’m thinking that either (1) They’ll have better prices (2) It is free brand exposure (3) They probably get better margins through this channel

  4. Agreed. If I can’t buy an unlocked HTC phone outright (i.e. no carrier involvement, no plan, etc) then I don’t see the point.

    In its current state it adds nothing but confusion. hmmm, do I buy via AT&T, for example, or via HTC?

    I would have expected better from HTC, given its Android involvment.

    This is a whole lot of nothing!

  5. Lame.

    Yet another useless phone store selling plans for mobile providers. Sell me your goddamned PHONE, you’re a PHONE MAKER. Give me a deal on a nexus one, or desire, or… what’s that new one that’s supposed to have a better camera than the n1?

  6. @Dan: Sony Xperia X10?

  7. @ Dan: HTC Incredible. Has an 8MP camera.

  8. As soon as the pop up opened they lost any chance of getting my money.

  9. I don’t like it.. When I have a problem I want to be able to go into the Verizon store and hand them the phone. I REALLY don’t want to have to send it back somewhere and wait and wait and wait.

    Just give me a decent phone on Verizon and I’ll be set.. Incredible anyone?

  10. @6: well this is an htc store, I was thinking of an HTC product.

    @7: Yeah that’s the one. :)

  11. I think its a good idea to have their own store.

  12. HTC EVO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. This really would be an awesome move if they were to offer all of their phones unlocked. Maybe they’ll surprise us. I doubt it, but until then, meh.

  14. If they could get their hands on the Nexus One to sell there with a price cut I will swoop in with my money that I’ve been saving up.

  15. It will be excited feature but people always prefer to go for the cell which satisfies all features they need. For more information about online shopping store…

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