HTC Desire Now Available For T-Mobile UK!


T-Mobile UK customers sitting on the edge of their seats, waiting for the HTC Desire to land on their belove carrier can now stand up and kick their chair over in triumphant, John McEnroe like fashion. Or you could just visit their site, purchase the phone, and provide a silent fist pump. Either way.


Holy smokes, free on contract? Double fist pump.

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  1. It’s quite common for high-end phones to be free on contract outside the US. The price of the phone depends on the contract of your choice, and it might also depend on how valuable you are as a customer to the carrier if you’re extending you’re contract. So no need to celebrate the price of this phone ;) .

  2. Free! C’mon, AT&T….

  3. Can we PLEASE get some of this on T-Mo USA? I’m free to move come October and Verizon is starting to look nice in terms of phones T-Mo. Yea they cost more but I’ve worked out a plan that the wifey would be happy with.

  4. @ Phil
    I don’t think tmobile can hear you from here

  5. Get my upgrade in May. But is it the desire or the X10? Contract and charges (Free phone, £35 monthly for 25 months) are the same.

  6. just gave them a call,while you can order it online they reckon their stock comes on friday so they wouldnt let me have it as an upgrade choice until then.

  7. Well it was worth a shot. They apparently don’t here me on the phone or in their stores either. *shrugs*

  8. I know you can’t compare it directly, but 25 months is a LONG contract. It comes to a total of £875.

    Here (DK) you pay a price upfront, and sign a contract for 6 months and the total comes to £474.

  9. i think the £30 tariff is better
    £60 for the phone £30 a month for 18 months

  10. I still have a month left on the 18 month contract I signed to get the G1 at launch. This phone has nice specs today, but is it really going to keep up with 25 months of innovation?

  11. with £10 tariff it is 24*£10+£160=£400 inc unlimited internet. Too bad we have much higher prices here in Czech Rep.

  12. Ordered mine yesturday morning.

    Though note …
    Please allow up to 7 days to delievery.

    I think everyones (including me) are expecting to get them either Friday or Sat

  13. Sorry to add, but anyone whos interested.

    Google Nexus One is due to release on Vodaphone April 20th in the UK.

    (Sources from a number of emails & phone to the vodafone sales team)

  14. Look! people are going to start leaving t-mobile u.s for a different carrier if they don’t start doing what’s right. alot of people came to tmobile for the g1. but WE haven’t gotten a decent phone since. i mean come the HELL on!!! bring a FUCKIN SNAPDRAGON ANDROID PHONE OVER HERE!!!!!!!!! AND I DO MEAN NOWWWWWWWWW….lol felt good to get that off my chest.

  15. I agree cwalker. I’m getting a little tired of following “coming out for T-Mobile” phone stories for several months only to find it’s not for T-Mobile USA. Equally annoying is seeing every phone I like ending up everywhere other than T-Mobile. Yo Deutsche Telekom go ahead and sell off T-Mo USA……….to somebody with some initiative.

  16. Errr. I dont like the look of this, and I think the HTC evo kicks this out of the water…. I WANT THAT….

    USA, I will swap a desire for a evo any day..

  17. T-Mobile are being extra nice…They are including internet in the price (usually it was £5 extra for 1GB use per month) and it includes 3GB use per month for Android contract phones (a new offer from them). They also let you choose another free bundle like free landline calls or overseas calls.

    Definitely the best contracts in the UK in my opinion.

    I agree with Mart, the 18 month £30 deal with 600 mins and £60 for phone looks like the best deal. Even cheaper from their business section at about £25.50

    Now if only they could get that new Samsung Galaxy S in soon, I would choose that over the HTC Desire.

  18. @phil750, yeah but why get the Nexus One, when the HTC Desire is slightly more upgraded version of it?

  19. We need to get HTC Desire in the US too!!!

  20. HTC Sense makes all the diffence and N1 does NOT have Sense.

  21. Nexus One and Htc Desire are pretty close into being the same phone. Nexus One is better on talk time hours and Htc is better on Standbye. The only major difference between the phones is Htc Desire comes with Htc Sence built into it…whereas the Nexus One you have to crack the phone to get it installed. Nexus One has the faulty buttons at the bottom of the screen that don’t always function when the phone is placed down onto a flat surface. Whereas the Htc Desire has hard buttons. Only other difference I’ve known about is the Nexus One has alot of apps known for crashing on its system requiring that you reboot the system a lot. With this all being said im sure the HTC Desire will fly out with just as many problems once released to the U.S.

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