Dana Delaney Does Droid In Castle


In the hit TV series, Castle, Dana Delaney plays Special Agent Jordan Shaw. And in the latest episode (Tick, Tick, Tick…) Special Agent Jordan Shaw was playing with a Motorola Droid. At about 10 minutes 30 seconds in, Hulu reveals the latest case of Android product placement:


I haven’t personally seen this show before, but based on an extremely brief first impression I’m guessing its pretty predictable. After all the next episode, airing March 29th, is called “Boom!” That’s not a joke… it’s really called “Boom!” – and they’re playing this song as the introduction music. Okay – that last part is a joke.

And by the way… don’t think I don’t know EXACTLY what you were thinking when you clicked through to read this article. Pervert.

[Thanks for sending this in Will!]

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  1. Maybe all the people using iPhones in tv shows is coming to an end :D

  2. Castle is an awesome show. Don’t knock it until you’ve watched it. Nathan Fillion FTW!

    Tick Tick Tick and Boom are part 1 and part 2 of a 2-parter.

  3. I think it’s actually a three-parter, Pete.

    (But, yes, Castle rocks. It’s up there with Bones, as far as ‘shows where the cast really have a great chemistry together’ go.)

  4. Dana Delaney? I’d still like to twitter her Droid.

  5. Castle is a great show. Reminds me of the 80’s show Moonlighting – just more up to date and with a real cop instead of PI’s. I restrict myself to four hours of TV/week and this accounts for one of those hours!

  6. Castle is an entertaining series. Fillion is a highlight, remember his so well from Serenity & Firefly. Product placement and a consistent marketing campaign for the Droid is maintaining a great high profile.

  7. I saw a G1 in Weeds last year!

  8. This is certainly not the first, or the most “prolific” time an Android phone has been seen in popular television. In “The Art of Deception”, Episode 16 of Series 4 of Heroes, Lauren Gilmore, played by Elisabeth Röhm, whips out her Droid Eris (I think that is what it was) on at least two occasions, if I recall correctly.

  9. Love my Droid, and love that she was using a Droid instead of an iDon’t….

    Buuuuut….does anyone else’s Droid take a picture that fast? :-) She must have the 2.1 update on her phone!

    I have to admit I smiled about both points when I was watching the show.

    Me: “Oh look, she is using a Droid! Sweet!”
    “Whaaa? Droid camera’s aren’t that fast….hmmmm”

    hee hee hee

  10. Sorry Lars, nobody watches the crappy show known as Heroes so we wouldn’t have seen that….

  11. Follow Fillian on Twitter! He’s hysterical. Loved the line about having an app for fingerprints! Didn’t realize it was a Droid, tho. Even more awesome!

  12. Did you notice that detective Beckett uses a Palm Pre? Castle seems to be using an iPhone in season 2 so it looks like none of it is product placement.

  13. Don’t hate, Brad.

    Heroes, although not as great as the first season, is still a fun-ish show, cause who doesn’t love superheroes?

    I will have to check out this Castle show, or at least this episode to see someone using my beloved DROID.

  14. And If I’m not mistaken then Sprint’s Hero is seen multiple times in 24 (episode 21)

  15. Which phone was Fillian using in season 1 ?
    any idea dude’s & dudies…?

  16. Guess it was a slider phone… but never seen anything like tht around

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