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orange-tweetSo many twitter apps and so little time. Which one? Why? ORLY? With the number of applications on Android Market dedicated to helping you Tweet better, it can be overwhelming to decide which app to call yours. Not to mention, with apps updating all the time, how can anyone keep track? Our friend John Walton from DroidDog makes that overwhelming task much easier, bringing us up to speed by comparing 6 Twitter applications and providing his opinion on which are your best bets.

Below I’ve listed the 6 apps with a SPOILER just below the list, announcing John’s personal favorite:

  1. Twicca
  2. Touiteur Premium
  3. Twidroid Pro
  4. Seesmic
  5. TweetCaster Pro
  6. HootSuite

John declared Twicca the winner

Ultimately, different people use Twitter in different ways, not to mention different people have different preferences. If you’re a twitter user wondering how Android can best help you get your tweet on, I definitely recommend heading over to DroidDog and reading the full article. John goes into depth on each app with insight and screenshots – really good stuff!

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  1. I thought Twittersride was a nice twitter app :D

  2. I’ve been using Swift since creating a Twitter account and have since tried a couple others, but still like Swift best. Seems te most intuitive without bulking up he screen.

  3. TwitterRide is now called TweetsRide. My favorite.

  4. i like touiteur premium just for the UI. as far as a widget is concerned, I like twicca

  5. Yeah Tweetsride is best…..!!!

  6. I would like to see some financial twitters apps for android.

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