Mar 23rd, 2010

A carrier hasn’t yet been announced for the Kyocera Zio, but all signs are pointing to Cricket. In addition to the phone having the right bands and Cricket being a pretty good partner of Kyocera, HowardForums has been hiding some hints.

In the Cricket forum about “huge fundamental changes” leaked in February and rumored for March 9th, member yhike suggests (On March 3rd) they know of some upcoming Cricket phones:

New phones coming soon the kyo tap (touch screen), a410, 4t quarter Samsung two thumb and an android Sanyo Zio in 4 th quarter. Blackberry 8550 and Koycera Android both are coming in the summer.

They clearly mention a Kyocera android phone and although they also mention a Sanyo Zio, we’re guessing lines got crossed or names got changed and the Kyocera Zio was the intended result. After being encouraged to post pictures of the new phones, they did, and here is a picture of the gallery and the Kyocera Zio itself in the gallery:



Notice the name of the gallery? Recognize the phone? Remember this conversation happened MUCH earlier in the month… I’m guessing Cricket will definitely end up getting the Zio and this is pretty good evidence.

[Thanks Melissa E!]

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