T-Mobile Pulse Mini Gets Unboxed


On the supreme high-end of the spectrum you have the HTC EVO 4G, announced today and immediately taking the crown as the illest Android on the planet. On the other end of the spectrum you have the T-Mobile Pulse Mini, the silent but deadly Android that sneaks up on you with low, crouching specs and an almost invisible price. While the day was mostly filled with talk of the HTC EVO 4G, ElectricPig caught up with the T-Mobile Pulse Mini to provide an unboxing and more.


The Pulse Mini does shine – but thanks to an aluminum-like rather than platinum-like quality – it costs less than £100 on Pay As You Go! They seemed to enjoy the T-Mobile Pulse Mini claiming it does its job rather snappily but were ultimately disappointed by the lack of GPS and confused by the inclusion of a stylus. Ultimately they recommend the HTC Tattoo over the Pulse Mini and difficulty interacting with the screen was to blame – perhaps they packaged the stylus in hopes to quell those fears.

If you’re looking for ultra affordable Androids there aren’t a ton of options so the T-Mobile Pulse Mini immediately becomes one of your best options.

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  1. if the evo could shit, it would be this pile

  2. is it just me, or is this a tmobile tap with android?

  3. Yea it looks just like a tap.

  4. No GPS?
    Thats kinda sad for a smart phone.

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