Verizon & Skype Partnership Begins Thursday, March 25th


skype-mobile-androidWhen Verizon Wireless and Skype announced a partnership it was a big deal. It illustrated how the typically sluggish-to-adapt Verizon Wireless had already shifted ground by embracing Android, and now seems determined to lead the way in terms of innovation. Other continents and regions tend to be a bit more liberal in accepting disruptive technology, but for the largest American carrier to make this move was a big deal. And that big deal begins Thursday, March 25th as several Verizon Wireless 3G smartphones (including the Motorola Droid, HTC Droid Eris and Motorola Devour) will have unbridled access to Skype Mobile.

Keep your Droids pointed to Android Market… because on Thursday the new Skype app will appear and you’ll be able to make and receive Skype-To-Skype voice calls, send/receive unlimited Skype messages, manage you Skype contact list and call international numbers at competitive rates. All from your shiny little Android phone.

Here is the full press release:

Skype mobile For Verizon Wireless Available Thursday
Companies Deliver Expansive Global Calling Community and Free Skype-to-Skype Calls on the Most Reliable Wireless Network in the United States

LUXEMBOURG, LUXEMBOURG; LAS VEGAS, NV, and BASKING RIDGE, NJ, UNITED STATES — From CTIA WIRELESS 2010® in Las Vegas, Verizon Wireless and Skype today announced Skype mobile™ will be available this Thursday, March 25, starting with nine Verizon Wireless 3G smartphones. Skype mobile uses the Verizon Wireless voice network for the wireless connection of the Skype-to-Skype calls, providing Verizon Wireless customers with a superior experience and top-notch call quality.

Beginning Thursday, new and existing Verizon Wireless customers with Android 3G smartphones and BlackBerry 3G smartphones can get Skype mobile in a number of ways. Visit or from a PC to enter the mobile phone number to receive a text message with a link to the application. Verizon Wireless customers can also text “SKYPE” to 2255 to receive the link. In addition, Android customers will be able to download the app from Android Market™. New BlackBerry customers will find the application on their 3G smartphones’ home screens in the Downloads folder when activated.

Skype mobile gives Verizon Wireless 3G smartphone users with data plans a simple new way to stay in touch with friends, family and business colleagues around the corner and around the world while on Verizon Wireless’ network. Skype mobile users can:

* make and receive unlimited Skype-to-Skype voice calls to any Skype contact around the globe;
* send and receive unlimited instant messages with other Skype users;
* manage the Skype contact list directly from the mobile application; and
* call international phone numbers at competitive Skype calling rates.

John Harrobin, senior vice president of digital media and marketing, noted, “Skype mobile will change the way mobile consumers in the United States make and receive calls. With an ‘always on’ capability, Skype mobile on your 3G smartphone means you never have to miss a call or make an appointment to connect with Skype users around the world. With Skype mobile, we’re untethering Skype users from their PCs and enabling them to stay connected – on the best wireless network in the country.”

Russ Shaw, general manager of Mobile for Skype, noted, “Skype mobile will deliver an unparalleled experience for Verizon Wireless customers. It will be the best way to enjoy unlimited conversations with Skype contacts all over the world at no extra cost. In addition, Skype mobile will allow people to easily and inexpensively make calls to landlines and mobiles abroad at Skype rates.”

Customers need a Verizon Wireless smartphone and data plan to use Skype mobile. Skype-to-Skype calls will not be charged against their monthly minute allowances or data plans. Verizon Wireless customers can visit to purchase Skype Credit to make Skype Out calls and make calls to international landline or mobile numbers.

Skype and Verizon Wireless have been working together to create this application specifically for Verizon Wireless customers and to take advantage of the most reliable wireless network in the United States.

Skype mobile will be available initially on millions of best-selling Verizon Wireless 3G smartphones, including the BlackBerry® Storm™ 9530, Storm2™ 9550, Curve™ 8330, Curve™ 8530, 8830 World Edition, and Tour™ 9630 smartphones, as well as DROID by Motorola, DROID ERIS™ by HTC and Motorola DEVOUR™.

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  1. happiness

  2. Thats good.
    Skype is great.
    Hopefully this will get more users using it.

  3. That’s great i wonder how long before verizon phones will have cameras in the front for video call??

  4. I am still very confused by the line “Activation fee/line:$35 ($25 for secondary Family Shareplan lines w/2-yr Agmts). ” on the verizon webpage. Do we have to pay extra for this app?

  5. interesting that it would be released on the android market. I thought being an app that verizon was putting out it would have to be packaged with an OTA update aka 2.1. Cause why would Skype need to get Verizon’s permission to put an app out via the android market…..

  6. Go screw yourself Verizon, I’m still bitter about not hearing anything about new phones coming to Verizon, where’s the Incredible or Nexus One? You suck verizon. I will leave you by May if you don’t get a decent smartphone. Droi

  7. @Bill
    All I’ve been hearing from Verizon customers is how great the Droid is over even the Nexus. I guess the Evo was what broke the camel’s back.

  8. What happened to the announcement of the Nexus One for Verizon that was supposed to happen today? Nevermind the Incredible that was supposed to be announced any day now? Was it all wrong?

  9. I just hope that Skype can be integrated directly into my phone’s contact list, as opposed to having to go through the Skype app. It’d be nice to have my friends/family call me from Skype and to just see their contact name appear as though it’s a regular phone call.

  10. I have been waiting to jump to verizon for the Nexus 1 or the Incredible. Having Skype on it would be perfect! Here is what I am wondering about. I have a skype phone number that costs me $30 a year and $3 a month for unlimited US calling to Cell and Land Lines from a Skype device (Computer running Skype or that Skype phone we have at the office). If you call my Skype number it will ring what ever computer I am at. If I don’t pick it up Skype forwards it to my cell phone. (I have unlimited incoming left over from Nextel) What I am trying to figure out is this… should I switch to Verizon and just give out my Skype number. Then people would always be calling my computer or cell like now. But can I call out from my Skype mobile on Verizon. I figure if it was one of my contacts I could… I am really curious to see how this works. I got my Skype number because I work on networks and sometimes there is no signal in the server tomb err room. Having unlimited calling in the US any time I have internet access is BEYOND USEFUL in my days on sites.


    “But this version of Skype isn’t without meaningful limitations. You can’t make Skype Out calls to U.S. numbers–if you try, the app will let you route your call over Verizon’s voice network, where it’ll use minutes from your plan. You also can’t use Skype In to receive calls from landlines and cell phones: Incoming calls must come from other Skype users. And for reasons I don’t completely understand, Skype Mobile works only over Verizon’s 3G network, not Wi-Fi–which is the opposite of the situation on the iPhone, where you can only call over Wi-Fi, not the AT&T network.”

    Yeah wow this is just totally awesome..thanks Verizon!

  12. Isn’t there a way to do Skype with Google Voice and get it on any service provider?

  13. Could I get my frak’n 2.1 update first!?

  14. I agree, Verizon is killing me with their lack of phones. I have been waiting for the N1 or Incredible. What gives, do they understand people want great phones?

  15. so no doubt as a result of all this, skype connection has now gone into overload and we can’t make contact … !

  16. To Matt,

    This version of Skype works exactly like Skype Lite. It makes a voice call to a Skype server and from there connect to another Skype user. Except, unlike Skype Lite, Verizon is NOT going to count your air time minutes. So it is not VoIP all the way and hence it won’t work over WIFI.

  17. Well, it’s here and it sucks. Downloaded the app this morning only to discover that wifi must be disabled in order to be signed into Skype, despite all calls going through the VZW voice network. Activating wifi signs you out of skype, so you have to choose: cripple your device, or kiss “always on” skype goodbye.

  18. The point of the app is you need a data plan, period. The handshaking done vis data where as the voice is carried over Verizon’s voice network (they will eat the minute if the other side is Skype). If wifi is allowed to work, it will screw up Verizon/Skype’s business model.

  19. Can we please see the good in this. I called a great friend for free who is across the oceans. And We had great call quality. A free skype to skype and an app that runs in the background so people can message or call you for free from their laptops. Wifi is great. but we have verizon 3g you should be able to get online from near about everywhere. If i’m in a place with wifi im using my laptop and not my phone. just because skype mobile requires 3g usage does not mean its a bad app.

    I think many people need to calm down. Verizon just handed us basically free international calling. If you have a friend not on Verizon this is an interesting alternative to using minutes and skype is a good product. Its not like its costing us more. We have unlimited data packages. If you just need wifi to run on the phone all day. DON’T GET THE APP. but sit here and complain like someone wronged you by making you use the largest 3g map in the states.

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