Mar 19th, 2010

mapsGoogle has been busy in the apps department lately, launching both Orkut and Buzz applications to Android Market. But it isn’t only new apps that Google has been working on – they’ve just updated their Maps applications… both of them.

Google Maps version 4.1 is now available on Android 1.6+ devices, adding a few neat features. In addition to a Latitude widget and reworked search results, Google now allows you to use a Google Map as one of your Live Wallpapers. You can even have it track your current location using GPS/aGPS and show live traffic data, right there on your homescreen. Of course that sounds like a battery killer but hey – whatever you want!

Another huge addition is support for multiple accounts, so if you’ve got a personal and a work email account for instance, you can get the information you’re looking for on either depending on your situation.

And about that “other” map they updated? We’re talking about Google SkyMap – an application that I absolutely love as a fun, cool, geeky app to use at random moments. Not a huge update – mainly adding support for different phones – but just wanted to remind you to download it and try it if you haven’t already!

Oh yeah… FYI… Google also updated Gesture Search so its now available on older versions of Android. Man… they’re working hard over there!

[Via Google]