Official Google Buzz Widget Hits Android Market


Google Buzz hasn’t been buzzing much lately, but that might change as an Official Google Buzz Widget has just landed on the Android Market. Oddly enough, it was only visible to certain people – Talton and I both have Motorola Droids on Verizon Wireless but only he could see it on the market. Not sure exactly why that is but here is the info on the app directly from the market:


Google Buzz widget allows you to easily post buzz from your home screen!

* Quickly post buzz publicly or privately
* Add photos to your post from the camera or gallery
* Share your location or place
* Quickly access

Install and add to your homescreen by selecting Menu>Add>Widgets>Google Buzz .

I’m guessing its just a matter of Android Market running on TONS of different servers and not perfectly aligned in terms of what is cached and updated. Some people who didn’t initially see it are now reporting it is popping up.

Download it, test it out and tell us how you like it.

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  1. This should be pretty cool. Buzzing has actually become quite popular near my area. With new people checking it out every day. I’m not saying it’s going to take over social twitter type chatting anytime soon but at least where i’m at it’s becoming more and more popular.

  2. I still can’t see it , I will try tomorrow .

  3. Don’t see it on my sprint htc hero

  4. I have access to Buzz but I am not using it though.

  5. I see it on the Market. I also see they now have an Orkut app… Orkut of all things. I’d kill to get a Google Docs app, I’d wager there are far more users of that than Orkut.

  6. why no qr code?
    1.) i’m lazy
    2.) we should make this a standard

  7. Can someone post a URL or QR code?

  8. It’s kool!

  9. I don’t get it, a Facebook that nobodies on? Humph….guess I’ll check it out. I did find out playing with it that my maps now have pinch and zoom, thought that was with the update….I’ll take it tho

  10. Dezil: If it means anything, Facebook was way cooler before EVERYONE was on it.

  11. I can see that, I tried out facebook then all my family sent me invites, cant deny my g-ma but not so cool with comments bout getting high…whoops. So does everybody have pinch and zoom on their maps?

  12. found it on my mytouch 3g w/3.5 mm headphone jack(had to differentiate them) got tired of going to the internet to use buzz should make it a lot more easier to see which people around me have android phones an see wats up

  13. yeah i dont see it on the cliq xt

  14. Hey Phandronians, im planing on selling my N900 and switching back to Android. Hows the Nexus One? Hows the performance, camera, speed, responsiveness, media player and will it get flash soon? thanks

  15. I’ve been waiting for an app to be released from Google for Buzz and although just a widget it has about everything needed. At least for those where the web runs nice and fast. This is a great addition and I can see myself using Buzz a lot more due to the widget.

  16. Its cool widget, but the service just isnt different enough to lure people from twitter and facebook. 2 social networks to update and monitor is my limit.

  17. I’m liking it.

    Worth noting is that an app, the standard kind, is also included so you don’t have to have the widget going to post a buzz.

  18. Pretty nice, I will definitely be using Buzz more now its easier to post!

  19. Works pretty nicely on my Droid.

  20. Dezil – Pinch to Zoom on Maps 2 or 3 updates ago. ;-)

  21. I really can’t stand twitter or facebook, but so far Buzz has been pretty good. Facebook is good just for picture and profile info, but I really don’t like it for updates about people. I hope Buzz does not start becoming like the others… you know “Washing my hair is fun!” and “I’m bored of watching tv.” I’m bored of scrolling through BS updates to get to something important or interesting. I and others mainly use Buzz to share articles and such, but it’s integration with gmail and reader makes it much easier than dealing with the others.

  22. I recently came across this video showing how dangerous Google Buzz and other Google technologies can be if they fall into the wrong hands – definitely something to take into consideration:

  23. @Donna – Which is exactly why your default Buzzing should be set to private. Of course not everyone as a brain.

  24. TF: There are a few Google Docs apps, just not official from Google. But they do the same thing.

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