Zillow Brings House Hunting To Android


If you’re in the market to buy a house and you have an Android phone you’re DEFINITELY going to want to grab Zillow from Android Market. Built atop of Google Maps, the application displays all of the information you could ever want to know about the houses around you, that are currently for sale, with listings updated in real-time.

ZillowLogoYou’ll definitely want to have this app handy if you’re on the road, hitting up open houses or just in a neighborhood you like and want to drive around checking out what’s available. You can also pan in Google Maps to look all over the place – point being you’re not restricted to only seeing houses nearby.

Anyone looking to buy a home? Let us know if and how you use Zillow’s Android App and how it goes.


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  1. zillow is great, other than it highlighting my house being worth much less than I everwanted.

  2. Beat me to it. I installed it, only to find my house worth less than half what I paid. Good thing I stopped making payments and lost my job a year ago!!!! Yay for free rent!

  3. Haa, I tried to use the zillow website a bout a month ago on my phone, but to much of it was flash.

    However, yahoo house search (or whatever its called) uses zillow but doesn’t require flash, so I was just using that.

  4. Excellent news! I downloaded the app , it isnt a 100% 1:1 match to the website but good enough.
    As a realtor whos constantly on the prowl in town this is a terrific application.
    God maketh Android in His own Heavenly Software’s image.

  5. Those questioning the price, heres a tidbit, Zillow price is firstly the last sale price, if thats not available then its the county appraisal price, if not available then its sales comps.
    Most likely its #2 , the countys taxable appraisal price is always less otherwise you clowns will be complaining of high property taxes by now.

  6. This will be a handy application for quite a few people.

  7. This is pretty cool, i found my house (which is for sale) and a whole bunch of info on it, but it didn’t show the sq. ft. right (it said 0) but this is a neat little app

  8. from what I seen my house is based on comps.
    last year when I tried to refi my house was down around 20k, now it seems to have jumped up a bit, still down from my orginal purchase 5 years ago, but thats life.

  9. Wish I would have had this last week when I was looking for houses. Will use it next time im down there looking again.

  10. Is there an app for apartment listings too?

  11. Zillow’s android app has the ability to search for rentals (both apartments and houses).

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