Samsung Galaxy Spica/Portal 2.1 On The Way!


All this great news about 2.1 floating around, here’s another to add to the collection! A recent  press release from Samsung just announced their i5700 Spica AKA Samsung Portal (in the UK) will be receiving the éclair update – a very tempting jump from Android 1.5 & they have chucked in some of their own goodies too!

samsung-galaxy-spica-ofcFor now the update is only available in Germany hopefully being available later this month but Samsung has said the update will be “gradually rolled out to other European markets, Southeast Asia, the Middle East and Asia, Africa and rest of the world.” so hopefully that’s soon – not so “gradual” that it feels light-years away!

People who do want the update – and who wouldn’t? will however have to hook up there phone to a PC and use Samsung’s PC Studio 7 software which you can get here.

Some of the Samsung goodies I mentioned include 9 home screens, pre-loaded augmented reality app “layer 3.0” , Samsung widgets, visual bookmarks, PC sync among other treats.

Have a peek at the Press Release –  Good ol’ copy & Paste!

Samsung Delivers World of New Experiences With Upgraded Galaxy Spica

Android 2.1 gives Galaxy Spica new functionality and unrivalled user experience

SEOUL, Korea – March 17, 2010 – Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., a leading mobile phone provider, today announced it has upgraded its powerful Galaxy Spica (I5700) smartphone to harness the power of the latest version of AndroidTM, Android 2.1. The smartphone now offers users a galaxy of new features and an unrivalled mobile experience.

The Galaxy Spica retains all the features inherent in the successful Galaxy Spica (I5700), such as seamless connectivity and access to GoogleTM mobile services, multimedia functionality and speedy processor performance

“Lovers of the Galaxy Spica appreciated the ease with which they could access their contacts and personalise their experience – our upgraded handset offers all this and much more; a rich and rewarding and powerful mobile experience,” said JK Shin, President and Head of the Mobile Communications Business, Samsung Electronics.

The upgrade will be available via PC Studio 7, Samsung’s unique in-house software upgrade program. PC Studio 7 was included in the package of Galaxy Spica or can be downloaded at the Samsung mobile website (http://www.samsungmobile.com).

Enhanced User Experienced
The Galaxy Spica becomes a highly intuitive communications device offering users the option to personalise no less than nine side-scrolling screens. Users can really let their imaginations run wild, creating different home screens according to different personal interests or requirements.

The handset now features augmented reality technology that displays real-time digital information of your surroundings over the view-finder of the Galaxy Spica’s 3 megapixel camera. The Galaxy Spica also features Samsung widgets, Visual bookmark and PC Sync support to enable users to synchronise their devices quickly.

Enhanced Multimedia and Messaging Functionality
The handset now comes with a number of enhanced multimedia features which transform the Galaxy Spica into a personal entertainment device. Media browser allows you to browse through your media collection with ease. The camera has been upgraded to offer enhanced picture options and viewing functionality.

Improved messaging functionality means that it is much easier to attach files to MMS and email that users can easily add contacts to messages direct from the phonebook. Improved contact management enables users to find a necessary contact very easily through the alphabetical index.

The upgrade will be available from March 2010 in Germany and gradually rolled out to other European markets, Southeast Asia, the Middle East and Asia, Africa and rest of the world.

Samsung I5700 Product Specifications
Network HSDPA 3.6Mbps (900/2100)
EDGE/GPRS (850/900/1800/1900)
OS Android (ver. Android 2.1)
Display 3.2″ HVGA(320×480) TFT
Camera 3MP Camera (Auto Focus)
Video / Audio Video: MPEG4, H.263, H.264, WMV,DivX
Audio: MP3, AAC, AAC+, eAAC+, WMA
Value Added
Features ** Google mobile services (Google SearchTM including search by voice, GmailTM, Contacts, Google TalkTM, Google MapsTM, YouTubeTM, Android MarketTM)
Full Web Browser, 3.5mm Ear jack, GPS
Connectivity Bluetooth® 2.1, USB 2.0, MicroUSB, WiFi
Memory Internal memory: 180MB
External memory: Micro SD (Up to 32GB)
Battery 1500 mAh
Size 115 x 57 x 13.2mm

* Android, Google, Android Market, Google Search, Google Maps, Gmail, YouTube, Google Talk are trademarks of Google Inc.

** The launch of Google Mobile Service can differ by region.

This news goes should go down well with Rogers customers who may have just purchased a Spica! Go ahead – share your excitement on our Samsung Galaxy Spica forums!

[Via Engadget]

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  1. Hmm this means that the behold 2 will get it too right….?

  2. Thats good.

    I didnt think this phone would get an update.

  3. i still don’t get it … how do i get the Samsung’s PC Studio 7 software?? the only thing downloadable on samsungmobile.com is PCStudio 3.1 and Kies …
    i’d really like to upgrade my phone but it ain’t working with the 3.1 version -.-”
    any idea where to get PC Studio 7??

  4. What about the Samsung Galaxy i7500??

  5. The Samsung New PC Studio 7 is not available on Samsung’s website yet. I have been trying to search for it. Do you guys have a direct download URL from Samsung’s mobile website.

    I am based in the UK, and any news on the definite date for UK rollout of the Eclair upgrade for the Portal will be highly appreciated.


  6. i’ve just read in a german forum that the software you need for the update is new pc studio 1.3
    i installed it and – at least – it shows me that the phone is connected… still not able to upgrade
    error is something like “this device doesn’t support andy update”
    someone in germany already managed to get his spica to 2.1
    afaik this device was unbranded/unlocked
    i’va the orange austria lock/branding so that might be the cause of the problem…
    i assume that if i’d be able to upgrade the phone it would be unlocked/unbranded aswell and orange wants to suppress this … just my opinion on that

  7. Will we be able to download the 2.1 from the german site or will that force us to use german as language on the OS ? :)

  8. @Greenthy
    i have absolutely no idea
    since i wasn’t able to upgrade my phone the official way i used odin with the original 2.1 version to upgrade – worked pretty fine
    only thing was that i had to set up my APNs to get the 2G/3G connections working properly.
    i’ve also read in this forum that the APN settings ain’t working for all carriers – i was just lucky to have an orange device where this was possible.

    anyway, this 2.1 version i used is the german one …

  9. All are multilanguage hence you can use English in German firmware as well.
    Right now NEW PC studio 7/Kies do not support Galaxy spica, we are hoping that in 2nd quarter some update of this software will be available and we will have official Eclare rom to upgrate the firmware to, till then you can wait or search for Mr prabhakarans webpage where he has explained how to upgread to leaked 2.1 ROM

  10. Hi,
    I’ve just checked the PC Studio 7 (Samsung_PC_Studio_7.2.24.9.exe). This seems to be the Samsung branded version of the Nokia PC Suite. So I think that is only useful with Samsung phones with Symbian OS.
    The other PC Suite (New_PC_Studio_1.3.0.IJ1.exe) can recognize the Spica, but only if the USB debug mode is on.
    But the update of firmware is still unavailable.

  11. i have the latest version of the pc studio but when i connect my phone it doesnt connect to the phone and ums composite F appears

  12. There is an option in there somewhere to “Only use phone for Mass Storage” or something, but I can’t get to it to uncheck because I have no f**king connection thanks to this piece of shit phone and the shit software that comes with it.

  13. Hello,

    I bought on 24th April 2010 a Samsung Galaxy Spica I5700 from a Vodafone Romania. When I got home I noticed that I cannot connect my phone mobile with my PC after installing Samsung New PC Studio. The program can only see my Micro SD Card. After a while, I discovered a setting in the phone’s menu: “USB connection mode is mass storage only” and it was selected. So I diselected it and tryed to connect to the PC again. Now the program keeps blocking and it won’t recognize the device. Also, I cannot use the phone’s Bluetooth option, so I can’t send or recive any files from other devices. Can you please help me?

  14. Official android 2.1 is already available in Singapore. Got the Galaxy Spica updated with the official software at Samsung Service center. Can’t get the NPS working so went to the service center and got it done. Advice for those who are still trying with the NPS just go down to the service center or wait until someone find a way to get the NPS working.

  15. Have just spoken to Samsung (21/5/2010) and, after being on hold for a long time, have been told that there is now no plan to upgrade existing 1.5 users, although 2.1 will be available to new buyers!

  16. UK user of i5700 on T-mbile. Ive just (26th May, 4.50pm) spoken to Samsung mobile dept, they said they ARE planning to upgade current users, if the user wants, they dont have a release date for official update, but the guy took all my details and said i’d get an email as soon as release. Fingers crossed it wont be long!

  17. When i plug my samsung galaxy portal into my usb drive, it doesnt recognise anything

  18. Hi all
    Here is the solution for connecting your Sasung Galaxy Portal to Kies

    Make sure Kies is open and your phone is connected to your pc before doing this.
    1. On your Samsung Galaxy Portal phone go to Settings>Applications>Development
    2. Select USB Debugging (put tick in box) various driver will load on your PC.
    3. Now in Kies look at the top left hand corner and you will see the Kies logo and a drop down arrow click this and select driver recovery and let it all load and keep the phone connected. Once you have done this your phone will be connected to Kies

  19. thanks so much ltemby. it took a lot of searching to find someone who actually knew how to help

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