HTC Tattoo NOT Getting Android 2.1?


Welcome to the world of competing rumors and unconfirmed information. Last week we heard that one of the most basic Android Phones – the HTC Tattoo – would be getting Android 2.1. This was great news for EVERYONE with a budget Android, not just Tattoo owners.

But not anymore. The HTC Tattoo might not be getting Android 2.1 afterall. Check out the information Tracy&Matt are hearing:

“Currently there are no plans to update the HTC Tattoo with éclair.”


Flip, flop, flippedy flop! I’m guessing the Tattoo WON’T get 2.1 because it won’t be strong enough to handle the new features and last time around an HTC rep was making assumptions, connecting dots that maybe shouldn’t have been connected. But that’s just my guess.

Maybe the HTC Tattoo WILL get Android 2.1 and this latest uncofirmation is just throwing caution to the wind. Just want to temper expectations of those who read the first report!

Rob Jackson
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  1. Both tattoo and hero have same speed processors (528 Mhz) and almost the same amount of RAM (288MB vs 256 MB). Only significant difference is screen size.

    I don’t see any ‘technical’ reason for not being able to update. Not wanting to update is a different issue altogether.

  2. I think Google should probably start developing a version of all its updates that leaves out only the features that are too processor/memory intensive for lower end phones. That way they can still get all the other new features.

  3. It would be nice if all Android phones could get updated to 2.1.

  4. mind you, there’s no thecnical reason for it not getting 2.1… that would be a business decision, and that sucks. perfect reason for people to not choose htc next time.

  5. Sprint Better do something! They are losing the race.

  6. The author of this post as money to afford a top htc android phone, so he discriminate the poor people who saved money for months to buy a tattoo, by saying this messages.

    Obvious that htc customer support doesn’t have any informations of this nature.

  7. How many Tattoos are actually in the wild? Is it a big enough market to want to keep content?

  8. How’s tattoo not handling 2.1? The hardware is almost the same as hero. It’s just a little weaker.

  9. Sprint is geeting the Nexus One and possibly the Supersonic (there’s strong evidence but it’s not confirmed yet), I think they may come back very soon… they are just too busy with 4G and WIMAX

  10. ets hope the cooking begins soon – the tattoo has been rooted – just wait a while and a 2.1 rom will evetually surface

  11. I contacted HTC myself and they responded with the same response posted on the frandroid. That they are working on the sense UI for the new android version and that an update would be available as soon as possible.

  12. cant we just get 2.1 without sense then get an update later to have it

  13. Can we atleast have some upgrade to support Bluetooth file transfer??? =(

  14. Even the bluetooth sucks. Maybe the device it’s not strong enough for that too?

    What a shit of phone! HTC just lied to all of us, since the very first moment it saw the light, not to say with those rumours of upgrading it to 2.1…

  15. Android 2.1…. hahaha

    Please, fix the damm bluetooth first, and let’s the talk about an os update for the future

    One thing is sure. It’s the last Android phone I’ll have in my life. Oh, my, what a waste…

  16. And the HTC sync app for PC connection… Such a crap…
    It doesn’t even install. At least the official version provided in the HTC web.
    Forgive me. The official versionS. None of them, nor the updates, are able even to a clean install without lots of funny and meaningless error messages.
    What a ridiculous company, my friend. HTC… ha.

  17. The Bluetooth File Transfer had a software bug, not a hardware bug(please search more on web not just what your brain think). The Sync app at me it work very well.

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