Mar 11th, 2010 publishUpdated   Sep 12th, 2021, 4:22 pm

tattooThis should be a relief to not only HTC Tattoo users but also the general lower-end Android handset owners: the HTC Tattoo is getting an upgrade to Android 2.1. According to French Android website Frandroid, HTC has confirmed the upgrade:

Kindly note we understand that now that a phone running Android OS 2.1 is available that you are excited to get an update for your Tattoo. We are still working hard to building Sense for this new version but we expect to have the upgrade finished and ready to go soon. Please understand that it takes time to customize any Android version to ensure you have the intuitive experience Sense provides, and we hope you can be patient for just a little while longer.

The HTC Tattoo is one of the lower powered Android Phones, bringing a 2.8-inch screen, QVGA resolution and 528 MHz processor. The concern for handsets like the G1/Dream and other budget Androids is that their processors and specs aren’t strong enough to power the bulk/heft of Android 2.1’s robust features. If this development is indeed true, it should bring hope to owners of other devices as well.

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