HTC Tattoo Getting Android 2.1


tattooThis should be a relief to not only HTC Tattoo users but also the general lower-end Android handset owners: the HTC Tattoo is getting an upgrade to Android 2.1. According to French Android website Frandroid, HTC has confirmed the upgrade:

Kindly note we understand that now that a phone running Android OS 2.1 is available that you are excited to get an update for your Tattoo. We are still working hard to building Sense for this new version but we expect to have the upgrade finished and ready to go soon. Please understand that it takes time to customize any Android version to ensure you have the intuitive experience Sense provides, and we hope you can be patient for just a little while longer.

The HTC Tattoo is one of the lower powered Android Phones, bringing a 2.8-inch screen, QVGA resolution and 528 MHz processor. The concern for handsets like the G1/Dream and other budget Androids is that their processors and specs aren’t strong enough to power the bulk/heft of Android 2.1’s robust features. If this development is indeed true, it should bring hope to owners of other devices as well.

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  1. Good news in general!
    No Helicopter for you though ;)

  2. I have the HTC Hero, which is due to get 2.1 soon. Can anyone tell me, if I install 2.1, will I lose any apps that are installed or any data or settings? I might just leave Hero in its original state. Thanks for any help.

  3. Naah , you can just hit the home button twice and still get helicopter view

  4. Oh and btw this is great news , i am looking for a budget android phone and i am waiting for samsung and LG to announce their plans for the galaxy spica and LG GW620 so that i can pick between the 3.The tattoo just got a big boost ;) seeing as its the cheapest one of course.Does anyone know how bad the situation with the low res screen (as far as the apps are concerned?)

  5. @kostas
    Up until the Droid/Nexus were released all apps were being designed for this resolution. Don’t worry.

  6. Actually the tattoo has a 320x240p res and as far as i know its the only one so far so i am guessing this could be a problem.Its good to see that this huawei (or whatever its called) is making another low end android with QVGA , it could be a good solution to bring the costs down.(Even though something tells me that the tattoo probably costs something like 50 bucks less than the hero but sells for 200 less…

  7. Sorry, my mistake :P
    I think most will be ok.. Unless stated otherwise.. It is also likely that multi touch apps are a no go.

  8. I wouldn’t have thought that the HTC Tattoo would get 2.1.

  9. I have a tattoo and there arent as many apps for it. more and more are coming though. Of all the apps that i use the most I can only think on one that doesnt support the small screen and it is pandora. the good news is that slacker does work on the small screen.

  10. I had an eact sam email from HTC when I asked the question about two weeks ago. Read it with a pinch a salt it doesnt actually mention the Tattoo by name and the wording is word for wors what I received. Some kind of stock answer.

    Other users have asked the same question of HTC since and had a different response

  11. OMG. as a Tattoo owner, this is very exciting. i would never have thought they will upgrade it. :)

  12. The Tatoo has an exceptionally low res screen that apps must explicitly say that they support or they won’t appear in the market when viewed on the Tatoo.

    For the most part, apps will scale down to that size and still be usable. Some are just broken though. You can manually install an app even if it doesn’t explicitly state that it supports small screens, you just need to find the apk though.

    Try sending the author an email if you can’t find it in the market on a Tattoo, chances are the author was unaware of the requirement.

  13. Android 2.1 is is an expected upgrade for HTC tattoo, and this is a good news

  14. is it out yet?

  15. hy here is a stupid question but how do i oppgrade??

  16. I’m the one who have HTC TATTOO. I still waiting the new version..

  17. Howdo you download apps onto the HTC tattoo? i have one and i cant seem to do it!

  18. OK, it is end of July and there is NO 2.1 upgrade for tattoo. Also there is no 2.2 for Desire. I say HTC does not care about customers, just get the product and shut up. Those are for a looong time last two devices we bought from HTC.

  19. im tired of listening to htc telling me about 2.1 coming but never arriving, its annnoying and they dont care….wat about the bluetooth?

  20. I am living in denmark, and is really happy to finally, for the last two months, having the chance to work with a smartphone. I am feeling a little let down by htc and google, for not making the newest android awailable, and a lot of apps being unavailable because of claimed incompatability with tattoo and even national borders blocking for marked. If this continues, i’ll choose iphone 8 gb, in 4 months when i am free of the contract. So come on Htc and google show us your potential…

  21. Android phones are rare in Nigeria where I live. I’m about to get a HTC Tattoo with android 1.6. What should I do to get the 2.1 upgrade?

  22. I also very disappointed with HTC, I will not buy HTC again. I will try on motorola, or samsung

  23. I’ve had my Tattoo for some months now, and I’m still waiting to see the new OS 2.1. I love android but am disappointed when the update is promised but fails to materialise. Does anyone have any news about when this is going to happen?

  24. Well i have read at swden site, and ppl there has contacted suport that Tatto wont get 2.1.

    weird that so many other sites report it will, when 1 site actually contacts the suport and ask them and they say no not at this time.

    then i dont know how much info suport have, maybe thay are developing still but as long as it’s under development they say no so ppl buy newer phones??

    I still hope for 2.1 to Tatto but next year still same os i buy new phone and then i’m gonna look into OS before i buy.

  25. I Have been told by HTC there is no upgrade to 2.1 for the Tattoo & its down to then who (if it comes) gets it.

  26. the first time i saw this phone was when one of my friends bought it. i liked it from the first time when i saw it, and of course i asked my parents to buy it for my birthday. i was so exited and my new cool phone was in my hands for a really long time..:D so i was saying that i found i really strange think. my “smartphone” couldn’t send via bluetooth. i looked everywhere in the settings but i only found that i should download the “bluetooth file transfer manager”. when i started it said that it couldn’t work properly cause my android is 1.6 and it demands android 2.0 or higher. so please can anyone tell how HTC can have loyal customer..:)
    Bay the way i asked in a few places and the only answer which satisfy me was that android 2.1 will come up in htc.com maybe at christmas!!!

  27. Hi,

    I have a HTC Tattoo for a year now and I have asked HTC Corporation for Bluetooth support and android upgrade to the HTC Tattoo. The answer is here:

    Thank you for your query regarding the htc tattoo. the bluetooth file transfer, this has allways been like this on all Tattoos. In regards to the upgrades it does not seem that this model will be getting any further upgrades.

    I feel cheated by HTC and my next phone will not be HTC

  28. @holger: I have had an HTC Tattoo for 10 months now. At that point, the reseller here in Prague warned me that there may never be upgrades. I still thought this machine was a good deal – and still think so.

  29. Its a shame… a brand which so many customers, so many nice smartphones… and almost no OS upgrades, or no upgrades at all. No more HTC for me, until my #1 Desire AND #2 Tattoo upgrades availability !!!

  30. Hey, is there anyone who can give me the latest update about fuckin upgrade of htc tattoo…. this handset sucks….its been more 10 months that htc is just talkin abt upgrade and the mstter of fact there is no upgrade avail…. it is shame for you htc … i am never goin purchase htc any more…

  31. Its good to see that this huawei (or whatever its called) is making another low end android with QVGA , it could be a good solution to bring the costs down.(Even though something tells me that the tattoo probably costs something like 50 bucks less than the hero but sells for 150 less.

  32. I`ll never purchase HTC AGAIN!!!!!

  33. It has come out as 1002207

  34. i have htc tattoo 1.6 and m still waiting for upgrade v2.1 realy this phone sucks and compny also a cheater.. frndz i suggest u nvr evr buy htc phones…

  35. I have both the iPhone and HTC. Whilst I am not an iPhone fan, at least the do not leave out any customers when it comes to software upgrades, until the hardware really cannot handle the software.

    Android phone manufacturers on the other hand seem to just churn out hardware and forget about upgrading the software for the older phones. They expect us to keep buying new hardware to keep up with software versions. Because of this attitude, I will not buy any of these fancy Android handsets ever until they start to treat us properly. I will stick with the iPhone or Blackberry which keeps us up to date whenever there are OS updates.

    No more HTC

  36. HTC Tattoo must get 2.1
    A creative mp3 runs it
    We need a update for new apps
    Whatsapp is not supporting 1.6
    But i like 1.6
    Its fast and nice
    Works fine
    This message was written on my Tattoo

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