Xperia X10 Marketing Starts Tomorrow, Mini And Pro By June


According to DigiTimes, Foxconn – manufacturers of the Sony Ericsson Xperia series of phones – will be getting a nice bump in profits thanks to shipments of the X10, X10 Mini and X10 pro in the first half of the year. If that’s the case, you can assume that both the X10 Mini and X10 Pro would start selling sometime before the end of June.

What about the big daddy of them – the original Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 that has yet to launch? It will start being marketed in Taiwan starting tomorrow and one would assume the rest of Asia and Europe soon after. Maybe North America too please.

One thing is for sure: the Xperia X10 will be launching on Orange UK as it has appeared on their “Coming Soon” page:


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  1. God this phone is killing me I been waiting for ever seems like it!!!!! If SE dosent hurry their ass off to put it on ATT I’m just gonna sell out for the HTC desire….if I was SE I would make it up to customers like ME and just have the phone pre-installed with 2.1 ….instead of 1.6 or if they take to long then maybe the HTC Scorpion……oh god 4.3 inch screen goodiness for my bad eyes lol

  2. I gave up on the X10. SE has proven that they cannot put out products on time. If it has taken this long to get a consumer ready product based on 1.6, imagine how long it will take them to upgrade to 2.x.

    I think the best bet for an Android phone would be to get an HTC product. So far, they have proven to be able keep up with the updates.

    I ordered a Nexus One for AT&T yesterday which should arrive tomorrow.

  3. it’s been on rogers’ coming soon page for a while now as well

  4. HTC products are the best when it comes to Android.

  5. vince, please let us know how well it works on ATT. Man i wish i had an extra $600 laying around. I just can’t do it though. If att would let me pay only 15/month for data then i may consider it, but not paying full price for phone/plan

  6. In the UK the xperia x10 will be available to buy from play.com on the 29th March, so I should be getting mine on the 30th.

    I wasn’t sure wether to get the xperia or the desire but after SE announced an update will be available they got my cash.

  7. The Xperia 10 has been advertised by Rogers in Canada for a couple of weeks now. Still no release date and Rogers is not the best network (slow outside of major cities) and they won’t allow tethering (Telus and Bell do). So as much as I am interested in this phone Sony made a bad descion tying it to rogers. Especially when the same phone will work on Bell/Telus.

    I hope Telus picks up a new HTC phone soon. Hopefully the incredible but more likely the Nexus One.

  8. Maybe Sony has delayed the release so they can get the phone up to speed with Android 2.0 or 2.1……..or they are just being Sony

  9. I spoke with one of their agents and he said they will release it on 14th April.

  10. i hate how sony can never release things on time, and as for rogers v bell/telus rogers is the best i mean they steal from you and treat you like sh*t but lets face it there the fastest and there already rolling 4G basically rogers is the att of canada, so just wait till rogers relizes to treat their customers better like att did than rogers will be awesome!! :D also would you really want a nice new phone that uses the fastest network speeds available to be with companies that A share there network, and B just switched to 3G

  11. After reading the article (in swedish) at http://www.idg.se I am highly dissipointing and will not be waiting for the X10. Nexus One looks more like the winner to me.

  12. I saw and held one of these phones 2 days ago at a conference and it’s very nice. Surprisingly lightweight, huge screen, fast and very nice feel. I hope it ships in the US soon.

  13. Some UK online shops say 29 March release date.

    I doubt that they will magically have Android 2.1 on it because of the delay.

    I even saw on their Sony Ericsson blog where there was a discussion about upgrading the Android version, where hundreds of people were saying how bad it was that the X10 would only have 1.6 and some Sony Ericsson employee response was that the people that say this are geeks and the majority of people won’t know the difference and will buy the X10 like crazy…

    In my opinion, it would only be worth getting the X10 to root it and put an up to date rom on it, as it is still a very good piece of (4″ screen, 1Ghz Snapdragon chip, 8mp camera, capacitive screen and 1500 mAh battery) hardware, just SE ruins it with 1.6 only and no multitouch. Other than that, it has no proximity sensor.

  14. Screw Nexus One, when is the 1700mhz Tmobile version coming out? and how much? anyone? Thanks

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