Spring Design Alex Available Online, In Borders In June


alex-ereader2Yesterday we told you that the Spring Design Alex eReader could very well begin selling today – we were right. At some point today you’ll be able to purchase the eReader from the Alex store, although I’m still seeing a “we’re almost ready” message. If you order today you’re likely to get the device in about 4-weeks. Or, if you prefer to give the Alex a test drive before you buy, it’ll be arriving in some of the 700+ Borders retail stores.

Kevin Tofel from jkontherun spent some time talking to the company’s VP – Eric Kmiec – about the launch details. Worth a read.

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  1. This ereader looks really strange.
    I don’t think I like the look of it.

  2. I really love to read a lot especially when I am traveling, I usually read through my gadgets even if it so small. This new innovation will give me a better and comfy way to read ebooks. =)

  3. It looks interesting, but I’d immediately kill the wallpaper and use something else. It’s almost as if they purposely tried to give a “Windows” look to it.. I’m sure some marketing guru thought it was a smart idea, but it has the opposite effect on me than they wanted. It makes me think it’s crap without even trying it.. It’d probably shock them to know I’d like to see it with theme of blacks, whites, and greys for wallpaper and icons.

  4. Its officially on their website now but with a price that makes it worth skipping. $399? I donth think so!

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