Alex eReader By Spring Design Could Launch Tomorrow


The Entourage eDGE wasn’t exactly treated like royalty upon release but the folks at Spring Design our hoping their Alex eReader is received a bit better. Having been given an “early March release” for quite awhile, we wouldn’t be surprised to see it launch tomorrow as SlashGear is suggesting will happen.

Take a look as CrunchGear gets a demo:

Although the Alex is also a dual-screen, its form factor is a little more traditional with a tablet like structure. For that reason I think it’ll fare a bit better than the eDGe, but all of these devices have hefty competition with the Kindle and iPad.


Is Android enough for you to choose the Alex over other mainstream alternatives?

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  1. I’m all for Android devices, but this thing is stupid looking.

  2. Horrible name. Strange looking layout. Confuses brain. Do not want.

  3. I’ll still stick with my Android-powered Nook and look with pity upon all the people carrying a Kindle.

  4. This is a tad strange.
    I don’t think anyone would want this :S

  5. It’s like a Nook that can actually be used for browsing the web and, of course, its LCD screen is quite a bit larger than the Nook’s. The Alex feature I like best is: Anything I see on the LCD screen can be transferred and expanded to fit on the eInk screen with a simple push of a button.

    What I’m waiting to learn about though is information relating to its 3G and Wi-Fi use.

  6. I think this is probably my favorite ebook reader coming out so far. My parents bought a Nook, but it has had a myriad of problems with freezing, battery issues, and in terms of speed (speed of the e-ink and lcd screens). I know some people with Kindles, which are nice, but I cannot stand that they don’t support epub format. I thought the eDGe was going to be nice, especially for college whatnot, but it looks like it is going to need some refining before I would consider it. This one looks really nice though. My question is, even if the Alex is an open platform, what about Borders? Are they required/Are they putting DRM on the books they sell? Are they even allowed not to have DRM?

  7. @KenJr

    So what’s the point of that? If I’m going to surf the web, I’ll use my phone, it has a better resolution screen than either screen on this thing, and I’ll already have it with me anyway. I’d rather carry a Kindle, it has much better battery life, and a nicer sized screen.

  8. I’ll be getting the Alex as soon as it comes out, iPAD’s too big, Kindles too closed and the Nook is too slow. To me looks like the Alex is for me…

  9. a little frustrated… can’t seem to order it…

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