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DellComputerAre you a web developing Android lover? Then chances are you’ve scoured the market for some apps that can increase your productivity or provide tools for managing your websites on the go. Mashable made a quick list of 5 Free Android Apps for Web Developers that is pretty handy – thought I’d pass it along:

  1. HTMLeditor
  2. AndFTP
  3. View Web Source
  4. Magic Color Picker
  5. HTML Test

I’d definitely like to try out AndFTP (screenie below) and I know there are a bunch of apps out there that alert you when your sites are down.


Any web developers out there want to share their favorites?

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  1. I’ve used AndFTP, its an awesome app, use it for just basic uploading to my space.

  2. Love AndFTP – best FTP client! I use it to move my files around.

  3. Does anyone know if AndFTP supports SSH?

  4. I personally like DroidFTP as my FTP client…

  5. AndFTP and View Web Source are essentials. HTML Editor, meh, gimme vi any day. HTML Test, rather pointless and dated, IMHO. Magic Color Picker, never heard of it before, thanks for the pointer, it rocks.

  6. @Chris, it sure does.

  7. I used to love AndFTP (even though the UI was painfully slow on my Droid), until the last update – it now crashes any time I try to connect to anything. Time to try something else I guess.

  8. Lol… I really can’t imagine seriously editing web on my Hero…

  9. @Furret: You’re on the train to work, your Hero rings, something’s broke on the website, you say “Hold on a sec”, fire up ConnectBot, ssh in, fix it, then you say, “How’s it look now?” They’ll think you’re God.

  10. Someone mentioned vi. Can you run vi on an Android device? If so, how?

  11. @Dylan, if you root your phone and install BusyBox, you get vi. But even on a Droid with the physical keyboard, it’s pretty much impossible to use directly on the phone.

    I have found it useful when run through the ADB shell to directly edit files instead of doing an ADB pull, edit and then push the file back to the phone.

  12. jooid sometimes spelled joooid is great for Joomla CMS admin from Android

  13. AndFTP (most recent update) still works wonders for me. I use it instead of plugging in a USB cable to get music onto my phone. If the US broadband system had better uplink standards, I’d probably do some more remote torrenting with it as well..

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